Oracle Academy Education Bytes

Sparking curiosity while teaching critical skills

Oracle Academy Education Bytes

To engage students and get them ready for what’s next, educators need rigorous, robust curriculum and resources that spark curiosity and imagination while teaching critical knowledge and skills.

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  • Projects and Challenges, and Hands-on Labs
  • Career Learning Resources
  • Java
  • Database
  • Data Science
  • Cloud
  • Project Management
  • Business Management

Self-Directed, Diverse Learning Experiences

Oracle Academy Education Bytes are short, flexible learning modules that teach new concepts and enhance existing knowledge and skills, problem solving, creativity, and learning retention. They can be used to enhance Oracle Academy curriculum or alone as learning resources.

Education Bytes provide self-directed, diverse learning experiences at all skill levels in programming, database, data science, big data, Java, SQL, PL/SQL, Map/Reduce, R, Hadoop, Analytics, Cloud Services, Web Services, Machine Learning, Digital Assistant and AI and much more.

All Education Bytes include a content synopsis, recommended prerequisite knowledge and skills, level of difficulty, target age group, and any required software or equipment.

Hands-On Labs
Step-by-step instruction-based labs on database, programming, and data science, designed to be facilitated by educators or self-studied by individual learners. Some labs require prior knowledge or completion of curriculum.

Projects and Challenges
Stand-alone projects focused on database, programming, and data science that can be used independently of, during, or at the end of an Oracle Academy Workshop in a Box or course.

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