Computer Science Curriculum Created to Enable Teachers to Focus on Teaching

Curriculum that sparks curiosity and imagination

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To engage students in computer science, educators need rigorous, robust academic curriculum that sparks curiosity and imagination while teaching critical knowledge and skills.

Oracle Academy delivers. Available exclusively to Oracle Academy Institutional Members, our comprehensive curriculum offerings are created by professional educators and enable educational institutions to offer computer science course pathways lasting from one semester to three full years. Students engage in hands-on learning and develop skills in Java Programming, Database Design, SQL and/or PL/SQL along with career skills such as problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking. The knowledge and practical skills students gain will help them advance their academic studies in computer science or enter the job market across industries.

Using a blended learning model that combines our hosted curriculum with classroom instruction, skill-building activities, and online assessments that provide immediate feedback, Oracle Academy curriculum is available in multiple languages, including English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese.


Educators who offer Oracle Academy courses to their students are encouraged to take advantage of any or all of the various technologies incorporated into our curriculum.


Using only a web browser, access our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that includes our hosted curriculum materials and provides student progress tracking and reporting mechanisms including courses, quizzes and assessments. Teachers have access to a set of instructor materials for classroom use including curriculum teaching materials, exercises and solutions, projects and solutions, and delivery guides. Teachers also have the ability to create student accounts and provide student access to student curriculum materials, and students who complete our courses have the ability to download a transcript of their assessment scores – a valuable tool for demonstrating to future colleges and employers their learned skills.

Online Assessments

iLearning also provides an integrated assessment engine that delivers quizzes throughout the curriculum, along with midterm and final exams. Quizzes and exams are scored and immediate feedback is provided to students.

Application Express (APEX)

Used in our PL/SQL and Database Design and Programming with SQL courses, Oracle Application Express enables you to design, develop and deploy database-driven applications using only your web browser. Oracle Academy provides accounts for instructors and students, prepopulated with the data required for our PL/SQL and Database Design and Programming with SQL courses.

Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler

Also incorporated into our Database Design and Programming with SQL course, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is a graphical tool that enhances productivity and simplifies data modeling tasks.

Java Development Environments

Oracle Academy uses a number of development interfaces to teach object oriented programming concepts and Java programming. From creating 3-D animations in Alice 3.1 and developing 2-D games in Greenfoot to developing Java applications in Eclipse, students practice a range of coding skills with different tools.

Alignments and Mappings

At Oracle Academy, we believe that the best teachers of our courseware are trained educators, and we work to enable educators to use our courseware directly with students in the classroom as seamlessly as possible. Our courseware is designed to be delivered as part of an academic program of study, has educational learning objectives, and is modular, enabling teachers and faculty members to incorporate entire Oracle Academy courses, individual lessons or topics into their existing classes and programs of study.

Our courseware is mapped and aligned to many relevant standards, qualification frameworks and exams globally. This helps educators and educational institutions of all kinds:

  1. Identify the level that has been studied in a particular subject and make it easier to transfer credit points between different learning programs,
  2. Recognize a very wide range of types of learning, and
  3. Provide mappings of Oracle Academy materials to curriculum review boards and similar bodies for curriculum approval purposes, expediting integration of computer science education into the classroom.

When delivering courses and curricula at any level–from secondary school to graduate level courses–it is helpful to know how the Oracle Academy curriculum resources align and correspond to commonly-used national and international standards. To aid us in our efforts, we have worked with many organizations, ministries of education, and qualification authorities to align and map our curriculum. You can view our current mappings and alignments here , and if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Success Story

New College Lanarkshire supports more than 20,000 students and prides itself on an innovative approach to education, which comprises practical as well as academic learning. A member of the Oracle Academy since 2006, the college recently teamed up with the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Oracle Academy to apply its innovative approach to one of today’s most intractable business challenges: the IT skills gap.

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