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Expand your knowledge, develop your skills

There is a lot more to teaching and studying computer science than just being able to code. When you join the Oracle Academy community, you gain access to a wide variety of resources that will help you–whether you are a student or an educator–expand your knowledge, develop your skills, and truly become a technology innovator.


Member Resources

Oracle Academy membership offers you access to exclusive member benefits and resources designed to support individual and classroom learning and arm learners with industry-relevant knowledge and skills.


Download software

Whether you are an Individual or an Institutional member, with Oracle Academy you can download industry-leading Oracle software to learn, teach, practice and build computing skills and knowledge.

Member recognition tools

Members gain access to Oracle Academy posters, ebadges and logos to support computer science and Oracle Academy in their clubs, classrooms, and on social media. Institutional members also receive completion certificates to recognize students who successfully complete Oracle Academy courses and exams.

Showcase your commitment to computer science.


Software technical support

From software support to installation issues, MyOracle Support is available for Institutional Members.


Oracle Certifications
Demonstrate your Oracle Database and Java skills by earning professional distinction recognized across industries. Institutional member educators and students receive discounts on certification prep materials and exams.

NetSuite Certifications
The NetSuite Certification Program offers a variety of certifications that enable people with deep NetSuite skills to validate their expertise, and earn a powerful differentiator in the job market.

Learning resources

To advance computer science knowledge, Oracle Academy offers a variety of learning resources for independent study or incorporation into classroom curriculum:

Online lecture courses

Our online lecture courses allow learners to engage with emerging topics in computer science through self-study. Designed with students and educators in mind, these courses introduce and explore key concepts−using video lectures, real world data sets, and practice problems−and provide hands on practice in an online environment.


Workshop in a Box

Designed to make it easy for educators, club leaders, and volunteers to introduce students to computer science through workshops that are fun and engaging, our Workshop in a Box offers members everything they need, including hardware requirements, to set up and lead a Java programming workshop for beginning students.


Oracle Press Books

Written by experts, Oracle Press Books offer more–and often more advanced–insight into a vast number of technology topics, and are valuable learning resources for educators and students alike. Institutional members receive a discount on select Oracle Press Book titles.


Oracle Academy Education Bytes

Oracle Academy Education Bytes are a new addition to the Oracle Academy curriculum. Oracle Academy Education Bytes are designed to provide learning assets in various formats which enable both institutional and individual members to incorporate a flexible addition to either classroom or personal learning

Hands-On Labs – A library of step-by-step instruction-based labs, designed to be either facilitated by the classroom teacher or self-studied by the learner. Focused on the areas of Database, Programming, and Data Science, some Hands-On Labs may require prior knowledge or completion of curriculum; others require no prior knowledge.

Projects and Challenges – A library of stand-alone projects designed to be used either independently of, during, or at the end of a Workshop In a Box or a Curriculum course.

Videos & Presentations – A library of videos and presentations garnered from various Oracle Academy global activities.

Freely available resources

Computer science education isn’t just for members. We are pleased to be able to offer freely available learning resources to support the development of knowledge and skills.


Resource library

Looking for Java, database and career-related resources without a web search? We’ve made finding some key resources easy for you in our online Resource Library.

Oracle Dev Gym

The Oracle Dev Gym offers an active learning experience, via a gym workout paradigm. After all, you can’t get stronger just by watching a video on weightlifting. The same with coding. Dev Gym workouts keep your knowledge fresh and your thinking sharp.

Ask the Oracle Experts

Our monthly Ask the Oracle Experts webcast and podcast series provides insight into a variety of computing topics, offering learners an opportunity to engage with Oracle experts in their respective fields. To make learning more accessible, Ask the Oracle Experts sessions are available in a number of languages.

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