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Learn Cloud Computing from the Cloud Company

In the 1990s, the Internet changed everything

In this decade, cloud computing is doing the same. From business processes to security requirements to computing practices, organizations are transforming–and they’re transforming quickly. Flexibility, agility, and scalability are key words for systems and for employees.

A recent IDC study predicted nearly 14 million cloud computing jobs would be created worldwide between 2011 and 2015. Demand for cloud computing experts continues to far outstrip supply, creating a huge opportunity for students who develop the right skills. The best students will do more than that; to become tomorrow’s leaders, they will become agile, adept learners and cloud innovators.

What’s Happening?

Private cloud? Public cloud? Hybrid cloud? Saas, PaaS, IaaS? What does it all really mean, and what does it all mean for what you need to know? Explore upcoming Oracle Academy events supporting cloud learning, and gain the latest insights into the world of cloud computing.


Solid foundational skills and knowledge are critical to adaptability. People who boast demonstrated skills and a strong understanding of Java programming and database computing will thrive in traditional on-premise computing environments and in the cloud. Oracle Academy courses in applications development, Java, database design, and SQL and PL/SQL programming provide this foundational knowledge.


Hands on access to technology is critical to developing computing and programming skills, and the advent of cloud computing makes this access easier–you get updated, supported, maintained environments to work in without a lot of system administration work. What better way to learn about cloud computing than to work in the cloud?

As Oracle Academy members, individuals and institutions have access to Oracle Application Express (APEX) environments in the cloud. APEX is a feature of the Oracle Database that enables users to design, develop and deploy database-driven applications using only a web browser. You and your students can focus on developing your database and applications development projects because many development tasks are managed for you–like security, authentication, session state management and more–and you and your students can share your projects by simply providing the project URL.

Need some ideas about how to incorporate APEX into your academic program? Oracle Academy Institutional members also have access to full curriculum resources in database and in applications development that incorporate APEX for hands-on practice and skills development.

Learning Resources

As a software as a service (SaaS) solution, NetSuite offers cloud-based hands-on business computing experience with just a web browser. NetSuite is available to Oracle Academy Institutional members who are post-secondary institutions and have experience or expertise with NetSuite or other SaaS ERP, CRM, eCommerce, or SCM products.

For Individual members interested in self-study and for educators who wish to leverage a flipped classroom model, Oracle Academy offers engaging learning resources that offer insight into cloud computing:

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