A history of possibilities

Oracle Academic Initiative (OAI) is created

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Oracle Internet Academy launches

The Oracle Internet Academy launches in the summer of 2000 as a separate but related initiative. Offerings center on database and Java. Related news stories here, here, and here.


Oracle Internet Academy is renamed Oracle Academy

The program is initially a high school-focused, high-touch program, whereas OAI focuses on higher education institutions.


Oracle Academy expands

Oracle Academy expands its business applications offering with the addition of PeopleSoft.


OAI and Oracle Academy combine

The OAI and Oracle Academy programs are combined under a shared name of Oracle Academy with three offerings: Introduction to Computer Science (previously Oracle Academy), Advanced Computer Science (previously OAI), and Enterprise Business Applications (related to OAI).


Oracle adds Sun Microsystems

Oracle Academy welcomes Sun Microsystems and the Sun Academic Initiative.


Oracle Academy consolidates into one program

Oracle Academy consolidates its three offerings into a single program, and as a global philanthropic educational initiative, moves to entirely free for academic institutions.


Oracle adds Netsuite

Oracle Academy welcomes NetSuite and SuiteAcademy, helping business students attain knowledge and skills in the leading enterprise business areas of accounting and financial management, ERP, CRM, SCM, eCommerce, warehouse management and logistics.


Member Hub introduced

Oracle Academy introduces the Member Hub state-of-the-art learning management system and a new website where members can log in for easy access.


Cloud Program launches

Oracle Academy launches the Oracle Academy Cloud Program with access to Oracle Cloud Free Tier services including Oracle Autonomous Database, Compute Virtual Machines (VM), object storage, and other key tools.


Project management curriculum created

To further help prepare civil engineering and construction project management students for careers, Oracle Academy launches Project Management Fundamentals curriculum centered around Primavera software.


Online Career Center opened

Oracle Academy launches its online Career Center to help students access additional courses and connect curriculum to careers.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure curriculum launches

So that students can learn more about cloud from the cloud leader, Oracle Academy introduces Oracle Cloud Infrastructure I and II curriculum to accompany its cloud offering.


Oracle Academy celebrates 25 years

Oracle Academy celebrates 25 years of advancing technology education, skills, innovation, and diversity and inclusion globally, now in 130-plus countries.



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