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    Topic Speaker(s) Date Download
    Big Data and IoT Bill Reilly: Director, Product Management February 27, 2017 Playback
    Everything you Wanted to Know About Solaris Scott Lynn: Senior Manager, Solaris Product Management

    Bart Smaalders: Senior Software Architect

    Liane Praza: Senior Principal Software Engineer
    May 11, 2016 Playback
    JSON Datatype and NoSQL in MySQL (German Language Recording) Carsten Thalheimer: Technical MySQL Sales Consultant (EMEA) April 20, 2016 Playback
    Oracle IoT Cloud Service: Driving Value in the Connected World Harish Gaur: Senior Director, Product Management February 10, 2016 Playback
    Manufacturing and Technology Gopal Ratnam: Senior Director, Product Management March 9, 2016 Playback
    Simplify your IoT with Oracle IoT Cloud Service (French Language Recording) Jean-Marc Hui Bon Hoa: Principal Sales Consultant January 19, 2016 Playback
    Oracle Academy Junior Certifications for Students Diana Godwin: Director Global Certification Program

    Nancy Hoffman: Oracle Academy Curriculum Manager
    January 13, 2016 Playback
    Fraud and Anomaly Detection using Oracle Advanced Analytics 12c and Big Data SQL Charlie Berger: Senior Director of Product Management, Data Mining and Advanced Analytics December 9, 2015 Playback
    What’s new with Oracle Academy William McCabe: Senior Manager, Customer Education and Consulting, Oracle Academy December 14, 2015 Playback
    The Journey to Cloud with Oracle Multitenant Horia Berca: Customer Success Manager November 25, 2015 Playback
    What Happens When Software Moves Into Silicon? Steve Phillips: Senior Director, Hardware Development

    Steven Sistare: Senior Software Architect

    Angelo Rajadurai: Senior Principal Software Engineer
    November 11, 2015 Playback
    Big Data: Innovation and New Opportunities, Our Solutions and Feedback (French Language Recording) Olivia Faucheux: Big Data, Business Development Manager September 29, 2015 Playback
    Graph Processing at Oracle Labs, A Pragmatic and Holistic Approach Hassan Chafi: Director, Research & Advanced Development August 12, 2015 Playback
    Digital Transformation with the help of the Cloud Richard Garsthagen: Director, Cloud Business Development July 9, 2015 Playback
    Big Data Analytics with Oracle Advanced Analytics 12c and Big Data SQL Charlie Berger: Senior Director of Product Management, Data Mining and Advanced Analytics June 10, 2015 Playback
    APEX: What You Need to Know and Why It’s Important Joel Kallman: Director, Software Development May 13, 2015 Playback
    Big Data Bootcamp Dan McClary: Senior Principal Product Manager, Big Data

    Althea Wallop: Database Product Manager
    April 8, 2015 Playback
    Overview of Cloud Computing (Chinese Language Recording) Mike Su: Sales Consulting Director March 17, 2015 Playback
    Engineered Systems, Exploring Exadata Juan Loaiza: Senior Vice President Systems Technology March 11, 2015 Playback
    Information Security Mary Ann Davidson: Chief Security Officer February 11, 2015 Playback
    Practical Guide to Making Your Home Smart with Java ME Embedded (Russian Language Recording) Alexander Belokrylov: Product Manager February 10, 2015 Playback
    Database Security Tom Kyte: Architect January 14, 2015 Playback
    Big Data Datafication (German Language Recording) Detlef Schroeder: Principal Sales Consultant December 10, 2014 Playback
    Big Data (Korean Language Recording) Sungwoo Chang: Senior Director, Technology Consulting November 12, 2014 Playback
    The Database or the Code Under the Application Steven Feuerstein: Architect November 12, 2014 Playback
    OpenWorld JavaOne Recap or How to Get the Most Out of a Technology Conference Chris Jones: Senior Principal Product Manager

    Susan Flierl: Product Strategy Director

    Tori Wieldt: Senior Java Community Manager
    October 8, 2014 Playback
    Software Development in Latin America: Creating Excellence at the Oracle Mexico Development Center (Spanish Language Recording) Erik Peterson: General Manager Mexico Development Center October 8, 2014 Playback
    Graduate Recruiting in EMEA Belinda Douglas: Recruitment Director September 10, 2014 Playback
    Getting the Most Out of Your Oracle Academy Membership William McCabe: Senior Manager, Customer Education and Consulting, Oracle Academy

    Nancy Hoffman: Curriculum Developer

    Philip Cannata: Principal Software Engineer, Oracle and Adjunct Professor, University of Texas at Austin
    September 10, 2014 Playback
    Cloud Computing Tom Fisher: Cloud Service CIO August 13, 2014 Playback
    Social Media Meg Bear: Group Vice President, Oracle Cloud Social Platform July 9, 2014 Playback
    Java Stephen Chin: Java Evangelist June 11, 2014 Playback
    So What Can You Do with a Computer Science Degree? Grant Franjione: GVP, Sales Enablement and Professional Development May 14, 2014 Playback
    Big Data Dan McClary: Principal Product Manager, Big Data April 9, 2014 Playback
    The Oracle Database Andrew Mendelsohn: Executive Vice President, Database Server Technologies March 12, 2014 Playback
  • Topic Speaker(s) Date Download
    SQL and Why It’s Important Tom Kyte: Database Evangelist

    Althea Wallop: Database Product Manager
    November 19, 2014 Download
    Cloud Computing: What You Need to Know Bharath Raj: Sales Consultant August 20, 2014 Download
    Internet of Things Angel Caicedo: Java Evangelist June 18, 2014 Download
    Leveraging a CS degree Outside of Oracle Development Win Chang: Customer Account Director May 25, 2014 Download
    Ask the Oracle Experts: A Day in the Life of a Software Developer Erik Peterson: General Manager, Mexico Development Center May 18, 2014 Download
    Introduction to No SQL Dave Segleau: Director, Product Management April 23, 2014 Download
    R Technologies: What is R Technologies? Mark Hornick: Director, Oracle Database Advanced Analytics April 16, 2014 Download
    The Berkeley Database Dave Segleau: Director, Product Management March 26, 2014 Download
    APEX: What You Need to Know David Peake: Senior Principal Product Manager March 26, 2014 Download
    Database Security: Why It is Important to Secure Your Data Roxana Bradescu: Director, Database Security Product Management & Strategy March 19, 2014 Download
    Certifications: What You Need to Know Harold Green: Senior Certification Program Manager February 19, 2014 Download

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