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Technology is constantly changing, and moving software into silicon is revolutionary, not evolutionary. Oracle’s Software in Silicon technology extends the design philosophy of engineered systems to the chip. Co-engineered by Oracle’s software and microprocessor developers, Software in Silicon builds higher-level software functions into the processor’s design. This software-centric approach to processor design speeds up performance and security of an application without impacting overall functionality of the processor.


Throughout its history, Oracle has been an industry leader in developing innovative solutions that optimize data management capabilities. With Software in Silicon, Oracle moves key functions of applications software into the M7 processor. Core functions like memory management and security originate on the chip, helping to streamline the application code. Through close collaboration between our software engineers and our chip developers, Oracle Database 12c has been written to optimize features like Data Analytics Accelerators (DAX), which enable in-memory analytic queries to run as much as 10 times faster on the SPARC M7 chip.

Oracle has released an open API and developer kit to DAX technology developers–including student developers–who can leverage M7 DAX for a broad spectrum of challenges in the analytics space. Oracle also has enhanced Oracle Solaris Studio developer tools, so they automatically leverage the M7 features to accelerate development cycles. With these tools, it’s possible to develop applications that are more secure and more reliable, and to do it faster.

This kind of change–moving software into silicon–creates new opportunities for multidisciplinary collaborations, and new graduates with strong foundations in computer science and/or electrical engineering and an aptitude for creative thinking and innovation will be valuable parts of collaborative teams.


A key Software in Silicon feature is In-Memory Query Acceleration, which enhances execution of SQL query operations while freeing up processor resources to run other applications. Engaging effectively with these features requires strong foundational knowledge about how databases manage data, and how to query, extract, and organize data in useful ways. Students should take advantage of opportunities to develop their communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills, as well as their creativity, in both class projects and extra-curricular activities and internships. They should also seek out courses in object-oriented programming, Java, database design, SQL, and data management.

If you’re a faculty member looking to provide these opportunities to your students, Oracle Academy’s robust, academic Java courses develop object-oriented programming knowledge and skills. Our Database Foundations, Database Design and Programming with SQL, and Programming with PL/SQL courses deliver a comprehensive learning experience to help students develop essential core data management skills. And, our modular curriculum makes it easy to incorporate specific concepts, lessons, and/or data-related projects into existing course materials.


Hands-on access to technology is critical to developing computing and programming skills, and the advent of cloud computing makes this access easier, providing updated, supported, maintained environments to work in without a lot of system administration effort. What better way to learn about Software in Silicon than to use it?

Oracle’s Software in Silicon Cloud is a robust and secure cloud platform with ready-to-run virtual environments that allow users to evaluate Oracle’s latest Software in Silicon technology in the SPARC M7 processor. Each virtual environment includes the latest Oracle Solaris release, Oracle Solaris Studio developer tools, Oracle Database, Oracle Weblogic, and the AMP stack (Apache, MySQL, PHP).

Learning Resources

For Individual members interested in self-study and for educators who wish to leverage a flipped classroom model, Oracle Academy offers learning resources that provide deeper insight into Software in Silicon.

Oracle’s Software in Silicon Video Series

Oracle Academy’s Ask the Oracle Experts series offers insights into a variety of technology topics. By listening to a combination of hour-long webcasts and shorter podcasts which are archived for download and on-demand learning, students and educators alike can explore topics like the Oracle social cloud, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and more. Ask the Oracle Experts is a monthly series, and webcasts are recorded live. We invite you to join us!

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