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Java is the world’s #1 programming language

Even at the ripe old age of 20, Java remains one of the most revolutionary and powerful programming languages, with more than 9 million developers worldwide and almost ubiquitous appearances in lists of the most in-demand computing skills for technology jobs.

Java is the foundation for virtually every networked application. The emerging prevalence of Big Data is primarily rooted in Java, and the Internet of Things is being built largely on Java devices. Modern computer science education pathways are incomplete without courses in object-oriented programming and Java.

Do you do Java?

What’s Happening?

From Oracle Academy educator training events to Code Together workshops for students, we have Java covered. Our Events calendar is your doorway to gaining hands-on experience with Java programming.


Advancing computer science education is our mission at Oracle Academy, and we offer a continuous academic curriculum pathway for Java. Beginning learners are introduced to Java using drop-and-drag interfaces in Alice and Greenfoot, while more advanced programmers delve into Java syntax and gain hands-on experience with NetBeans. For our Institutional members, we offer free full course curriculum and teacher training for teachers who want to incorporate full Java courses into their academic programs, and we also offer freely available self-study courses in Alice and Greenfoot for individual learners.


Given the prevalence of Java in modern computing, it’s no surprise that many different Java technologies – from Java Embedded to enterprise Java – are available. Java Development Kits (JDKs) and runtime environments (JREs) support Java development projects, and the Oracle Technology Network offers a wide range of Java resources and easy connections to the broader Java community.

A number of student-friendly Java development environments (JDEs) also are available, including, in order of increasing sophistication, Alice, Greenfoot, BlueJ, and NetBeans. These JDEs are freely available, and learners interested in developing their Java programming skills should explore them all.

Learning Resources

Oracle Academy’s Ask the Oracle Experts series offers insights into a variety of technology topics, including Java. By listening to a combination of hour-long webcasts and shorter podcasts which are archived for download and on-demand learning, students and educators alike can explore topics like Java, cloud computing, smart homes with Java ME embedded, and more. Ask the Oracle Experts is a monthly series, and webcasts are recorded live. We invite you to join us!

JavaOne is an annual conference held in San Francisco that brings together Java experts, developers, programmers and enthusiasts from around the world. The latest innovations in and using Java are highlighted, and the community keynote is an opportunity to learn about Java in action in a variety of industries, applications, and organizations. A limited number of free passes to JavaOne may be made available to students eighteen and older who can show a valid student ID at the door.

Oracle and the broader community offer a vast number of resources that can help you deepen your knowledge of Java. Take a look at a variety of white papers, articles and videos to help advance your knowledge.

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