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In today’s data-driven economy, no computer science or business curriculum would be complete without a course in databases and data management. Understanding how computers organize, use, and process data is essential to understanding how to use the data we have, and to finding innovative ways to manage and use data better.

For more than 40 years, Oracle has been helping companies, governments, and organizations gather, organize, manage, and use their data to improve their business, and the world. Why not learn data management from the world’s best and most innovative data management experts?

What’s Happening?

Databases have been around for a long time now, and there’s still always something new to learn. Whether you’re curious about distributed data management, Hadoop, NoSQL, white hat hacking, or just what it really means to be a database administrator, we have learning opportunities for you. Check out our upcoming events in your area, and start your learning today.


Strong foundational knowledge is the basis for advanced learning and future success. Our modular, relevant and up-to-date curriculum is designed by educators to help students develop critical foundational database and Java knowledge and skills. Our database courses in database design and SQL and PL/SQL programming focus on data organization, management and use. Our Java courses put learners on a pathway to developing applications that engage with data; the emergence of Java was key to the emergence of Big Data and the Internet of Things. All Oracle Academy courses provide skills and knowledge that are critical to being a technology innovator and business leader.


At Oracle Academy, we place high value on project-based learning and hands-on opportunities to practice and explore using the same production software that is used in industries across the globe. That’s why we make Oracle’s industry-leading software available to our program members at no charge.

Individual Members

Individual members can download for their personal, non-production use a variety of database software programs, including:

  • Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Database 11g –
    Enterprise and Standard Editions
  • Audit Vault and Database Firewall
  • Berkley DB
  • Big Data Connectors
  • Database Mobile Server
  • Grid Infrastructure
  • MySQL
  • NoSQL Database
  • Times Ten In-Memory Database
  • and more…

Developer tools, middleware and other software programs are available, too.

Institutional Members

To support classroom-based and instructor-led learning and research, Oracle Academy offers Institutional members free software licenses for a variety of database products for teaching and not-for-profit course- or degree-related research, including:

  • Oracle Database 11g and 12c –
    Enterprise Edition
  • Real Application Clusters
  • Partitioning
  • Spatial and Graph
  • Oracle Tuning Pack
  • Cloud Management Pack for Database
  • Big Data Connectors
  • NoSQL Database
  • and more…

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience firsthand the latest in database technology

Learning Resources

For Individual members interested in self-study and for educators who wish to leverage a flipped classroom model, Oracle Academy offers engaging learning resources that offer insight into databases and database computing.

Oracle Academy’s Ask the Oracle Experts series offers insights into a variety of technology topics, including database technology and related topics. By listening to a combination of hour-long webcasts and shorter podcasts which are archived for download and on-demand learning, students and educators alike can explore topics like the Oracle database, Big Data, APEX, PL/SQL (the code under the application), database security, cloud computing and more. Ask the Oracle Experts is a monthly series, and webcasts are recorded live. We invite you to join us!

Additionally, Oracle offers a wide variety of database-related resources. Resources we’d especially like to highlight for academic learners include:

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