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Big Data isn’t just for Big Business

Data-driven decision making is quickly becoming the standard in almost every industry, creating unprecedented demand for data-oriented professionals across a wide range of industries, organizations, and disciplines. With Oracle Academy, you can gain Big Data knowledge and hands-on experience–data skills necessary for modern careers.


From its inception, Oracle has been the company that helps governments, organizations, and companies manage, understand, and better utilize their data. For academic programs and faculty members focused on data science, Big Data, and/or data management, including Oracle software for hands-on practice in projects and labs is a clear choice.

With free software licenses for teaching and academic, not-for-profit course- and degree-related research use, Oracle Academy Institutional members have the opportunity to engage their students in the real world of Big Data using some or all of the following software products:


Engaging effectively with Big Data means having strong foundational knowledge about how databases manage data, and how to query, extract, and organize data in useful ways. Oracle Academy’s Database Design and Programming with SQL and Programming with PL/SQL courses deliver a comprehensive learning experience to help students develop critical, core data management skills, and our modular curriculum makes it easy for faculty members to incorporate specific concepts, lessons, and/or data-related projects into their existing course materials.

Learning Resources

For Individual members interested in self-study and for educators who wish to leverage a flipped classroom model, Oracle Academy offers engaging learning resources that offer insight into and practice with data science and Big Data.

Our popular Big Data Science Bootcamps incorporate video lectures, real world data sets, and practice problems to help learners understand what Big Data is and how it’s used to solve real world problems. Created by an Oracle Big Data expert who is also an experienced educator, the Oracle Academy Big Data Science Bootcamps help learners develop knowledge about key Big Data concepts, and gain practice in applied data science.

Oracle Academy’s Ask the Oracle Experts series offers insights into a variety of technology topics, including Big Data. By listening to a combination of hour-long webcasts and shorter podcasts which are archived for download and on-demand learning, students and educators alike can explore topics like the Oracle database, Big Data, database security, Exadata, and more. Ask the Oracle Experts is a monthly series, and webcasts are recorded live. We invite you to join us!

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