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In technology, change is constant. The free resources Oracle Academy offers can help you expand your knowledge, develop your skills, and become a leader, creator, and innovator—preparing you to take the next step in your education or career journey.

Career Learning Resources

Learners: Pave your pathway to success with our new Career Center

The need for computing skills spans a wide range of industries ― and those with in-demand proven skills enjoy higher paying jobs over the life of their careers.

Following study of Oracle Academy core academic curriculum subjects, the new Oracle Academy Career Center gives you access to free career-based learning content modules through Oracle University, Oracle Learning Library, and Oracle developer teams, so you can gain additional professional knowledge and get started on your career path. It even starts you on the path to Oracle professional certifications to show your industry-relevant knowledge and skills.

Get positioned for success with the new Oracle Academy Career Center resources.

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Learners whose institutions are Institutional members of Oracle Academy have access to a wealth of resources. If you have a Student Hub account, please sign in to Student Hub in the top right corner of the site. If your institution is not a member, ask your educator to start the process to join.