Take Free Online Beginner’s Tutorial for SQL

The new Databases for Developers: Foundations course teaches SQL basics — a fun way to get started!

Oracle Academy Introduces NEW Curriculum and Resources for 2018

Check Out Oracle Academy Education Bytes and Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning in Java.

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Oracle Professional Certifications for Students in Java and Database will set your students apart.

Oracle Pledges $1.4 BILLION to Support CS Education in the European Union

Part of Oracle’s Greater $3.3 Billion Annual Investment to Accelerate Digital Literacy Worldwide

Cloud Computing is the Future

Oracle offers free trial Cloud accounts for you and your students. Gain hands on experience with a variety of cloud services from databases to IoT and big data.

Helping Students and Educators Create the Future

Technology is ubiquitous across industries and drives the global economy. Computer science develops skills needed to be productive in the modern world.

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Oracle Academy supports more than 15,000 educational institutions and 6.3 million students in 128 countries. From big data and AI to cloud computing–including database, SQL, and Java–we’ve got you covered.

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