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September 2015

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Oracle Academy Is New and Improved

We are pleased to announce that our new Oracle Academy website and membership structure–designed to make your membership more rewarding and your interactions with us easier–are now available.

Based on your feedback, we’ve streamlined our program, consolidating the resources and benefits from our Introduction to Computer Science, Advanced Computer Science, and Business Applications offerings into a single program available to you via a single Institutional membership with a 3-year membership term. This will help reduce the time you spend managing your membership and give you more time to enjoy your benefits.

And, we’re pleased to introduce a new Individual membership level, designed specifically for individual learners who are looking to expand their computer science knowledge–perfect for students and educators beginning their relationship with Oracle Academy.

Best of all, both membership levels are free.

Current members don’t have to wait to renew their current Academy membership to take advantage of our new membership structure and benefits, including things like direct access to Oracle Academy course curriculum and related professional development opportunities; additional software products; an expanded license grant to support not-for-profit, course- or degree-related academic research use; the Oracle Academy merchandise store; and member e-badges.

We encourage you to visit our new website today to create your new membership, explore all your member benefits, take advantage of Oracle’s industry-leading technology, register for events and training opportunities, incorporate Oracle Academy courses or course materials into your classes and programs of study, and stay connected with Oracle Academy members and Coders in Action around the globe.

Register now or visit our website and see what’s new. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Working with thousands of member educational institutions across more than 100 countries, Oracle Academy advances computer science education globally to increase knowledge, skills development, innovation and diversity in technology fields, supporting more than 2 million students every year. We look forward to working with you to advance this mission.

New Java and Database Courses Available Soon

Oracle Academy greets the 2015-2016 academic year by introducing new computer science courses and resources for students and instructors–Java Foundations and Database Foundations–targeted at developing student proficiency in core and in-demand skills, including database, SQL, and Java.

“We’re thrilled to head into the academic year with new Oracle Academy foundation courses,” said Alison Derbenwick Miller, vice president, Oracle Academy. “Adding these fundamental programs along with launching our new website will empower educators with the learning resources they need to engage and prepare millions of students for modern careers.”

Designed as an alternative to our current Java Fundamentals course, Java Foundations engages students with little programming experience by introducing object-oriented concepts, terminology, syntax, and the steps required to create basic Java programs using hands-on, engaging activities. Using a professional Java development environment (JDE), NetBeans, students will learn the concepts of Java programming, design object-oriented applications with Java and create Java programs.

Designed as a precursor course to our current Database Design and Programming with SQL course, Database Foundations introduces students to basic relational database concepts and terminology, as well as data modeling concepts, and building and mapping Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs). Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is utilized to build ERDs and structured query language (SQL) is used to interact with a relational database and manipulate data within the database. Oracle Application Express (APEX) is utilized to provide practical, hands-on, engaging activities. Leveraging project-based learning techniques, students will create and work with projects which challenge them to design, implement, and demonstrate a database solution for a business or organization.

Oracle Academy’s new website will highlight these new curricula. Currently, the website offers students and educators interactive platforms to collaborate, learn, and develop their computer science skills through additional videos and resources.

Check out complete descriptions of Java Foundations and Database Foundations–as well as all of our full length, academic courses–available soon on our new website.

Free Institutional Memberships Empower Educators

At Oracle Academy, we know that as an educational institution or teacher, you have a vested interest in the success of your students, from the time students enroll until well after graduation. We share this core goal of long-term student success.

We know you seek learning resources that are modern, engaging and offer sound educational and academic value to students and faculty. Therefore, it’s critical that you find the right resources to empower faculty members as they work to ensure students achieve post-graduation success, whether moving onto college, graduate school or into the job market.

Oracle Academy can help. Introducing Oracle Academy’s Institutional memberships–with a 3-year term–offering educational institutions and teachers access to exclusive member benefits and resources to benefit the institution and faculty, and to help make your students college- and career-ready with industry-relevant knowledge and skills.

Our Institutional member benefits include:

  • Complete modularized academic curriculum in database design, SQL, PL/SQL, and object-oriented programming with Java, suitable for advanced secondary school students and first- and second-year college and university students both within and outside of computer science programs
  • Free educator professional development offered in a variety of formats to make learning engaging and convenient
  • Access to Oracle’s industry-leading software for use in teaching and academic, not-for-profit course and degree-related research
  • Access to hosted Oracle Academy Workspaces for Database
  • Online, hands-on lectures and Ask the Oracle Experts webcasts and podcasts delivered by Oracle experts in key technology areas, including Big Data, Cloud computing, cybersecurity, business intelligence and more
  • Visibility in our prestigious Oracle Academy Directory of Institutional members, making your academic programs visible across Oracle Academy’s audience
  • Discounted Oracle University training for your faculty and technical staff members, to expand knowledge and deepen skills using Oracle’s latest products
  • Discounted certification resources for your faculty, technical staff, and students, including Oracle’s student-friendly Oracle Certified Junior Associate certification exams

You don’t have to wait to renew your current Academy membership to take advantage of our new membership structure and benefits. We encourage you to visit our new website today to create your new membership.

Free Individual Memberships Build Future Innovators

Our new Individual memberships–designed specifically for individual learners who are looking to expand their computer science knowledge–are perfect for educators beginning their relationship with Oracle Academy, and for students. Our free Individual memberships offer learning resources and technologies as well as comprehensive computer science education courses created to develop core and in-demand skills aligned to the newest industry trends using current technologies.

Whether you are a teacher, a student, or an administrator, Oracle Academy resources can help advance your computer science knowledge and skills. Free Individual memberships empower you, the individual learner, to become an innovator of the future.

Individual member benefits include:

  • Complete online, self-study courses in Alice and Greenfoot, educationally-oriented Java development environments
  • Access to Oracle Academy Workshops in a Box, created to enable individuals to bring computer science workshops in curricular and extra-curricular events to beginning learners ages 10 and older
  • Online, hands-on lectures and Ask the Oracle Experts webcasts and podcasts delivered by Oracle experts in key technology areas, including Big Data, Cloud computing, cybersecurity, business intelligence and more
  • Free teacher training workshops in Alice and Greenfoot (educators only)
  • Online Oracle Academy posters and ebadges
  • Access to Oracle’s industry leading software for your personal, non-production use via the Oracle Technology Network
  • Access to member-exclusive Oracle Academy virtual events

We encourage you to explore the member benefits and deepen your computer science knowledge and skills, and if you are an educator, to share Oracle Academy with your students. Visit our new website today to create your new membership.

Coders in Action

Student Innovation Catches Oracle’s Attention

Oracle France collaborated with Entreprendre pour Apprendre (EPA)–an organization striving to prepare young people for a successful future in the global economy–to organize a day of creativity, innovation and collaboration. More than 50 students were invited to participate in the Innov'EPA program.

Ten teams of five students each, ages 17 to 20, were challenged to solve the question: “How can new technologies improve day to day life inside an enterprise?”

The top three projects presented by the students:

  • A platform to exchange knowledge
  • A geolocation application of the colleagues and meeting rooms available on site
  • An instantaneous SmartPhone translator for multilingual situations

Oracle Academy evaluated the student projects and awarded the “Expert-O-Job” the winner for their ideas supporting a knowledge exchange platform. As a result of the ingenuity of these students, the “Expert-O-Job” app was introduced to Oracle and is currently under development with Oracle’s European Presales Center technical staff. The innovation of this app represents the ability to take Oracle’s SaaS solutions, in this case Talent Management, and extend into PaaS. The success of the Innov'EPA program has evolved from a one day hackathon to a series of hackathons.

Finale of 2015 “Oracle Cup” National Java Programming Competition in China

On July 19, 2015, the 2015 “Oracle Cup” National Java Programming Competition sponsored by Oracle Academy and Oracle Marketing came to a successful close in Guangzhou, China. The three-month long competition provided a platform for university students to showcase their technology expertise and practical skills, and also offered an unparalleled opportunity for industries and enterprises to identify technology talents.

The competition was organized by the National Research Council of Computer Education in Colleges & Universities and the Teaching Guidance Committee for Computer-Related Majors in the Institutions of Higher Education of Ministry of Education.

Congratulations to the winners!

Group A

(Team Name)
1 一等奖
(First Prize)
福州大学 Fuzhou University Trible kill
2 一等奖
(First Prize)
陕西理工学院 Shanxi University of Technology Crazy Coders
3 一等奖
(First Prize)
华南农业大学 South China Agricultural University Dream Team
4 一等奖
(First Prize)
华南农业大学 South China Agricultural University Java’s Alliance van Avatar

Group B

(Team Name)
1 一等奖
(First Prize)
江西科技学院 Jiangxi University Of Technology sunshine java
2 二等奖
(Second Prize)
广东轻工职业技术学院 Guangdong Industry Technical College 勇夺第一
Won the First
3 二等奖
(Second Prize)
广州城建职业学院 GuangZhou City Construction Collegey Fly City
4 二等奖
(Second Prize)
杭州职业技术学院 Hangzhou Vocational and Technical College 神奇海螺
Magical Shell

Oracle APEX Hackathon Challenges Students

In March, students from Konstanz, Stuttgart, and Karlsruhe, Germany were invited to attend a one-day APEX Hackathon hosted by Oracle Academy, Oracle Germany, and Oracle Gold Partner PITSS GmbH.

The hackathon challenged students to develop a professional tutor management application for high schools, colleges and universities using Oracle APEX as well as designing the specific data model. In June, the students presented their APEX applications to the judges.

Congratulations to the winners!

Congratulations to Samuel Schnurr and Patrick Stäbler, team Hochschule Karlsruhe-Technik und Wirtschaft, for their outstanding ideas and winning innovation to develop a professional tutor management application.

Oracle Academy Advances Computer Science around the World

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Oracle Academy Helps Western Cape Teachers Improve STEM Literacy

Oracle Academy and the Western Cape Education Department are driving positive improvements of STEM literacy in Western Cape, South Africa. Nine schools within the district are currently teaching the Oracle Academy curriculum to students.

How Successful is the Program?
To determine what impact the curriculum is having on students, feedback was gathered from teachers, principals and learners of the participating schools and the feedback was extremely positive.

Teachers reported that students participating in the Oracle Academy courses not only increased their IT marks, but also increased their math and science marks as well; indicating students are developing their problem solving skills as a result of attending the Oracle Academy classes. Some students increased their IT grades by as much as 20-30%.

“One of the benefits of the Oracle/DEDAT Software Development in Schools Project is that across all participating schools, the marks for the subject being taught, Information Technology, have improved. For some individual learners the improvement is between 20% and 30%. Learners say that their marks have improved by a tremendous margin,” Ighsaan Francis, Deputy Chief Education Specialist, Computer Applications Technology and Information Technology.

Teaching Teachers to Increase Impact
Oracle Academy and Western Cape Education Department collaborated to train 160 teachers within the past year. The teachers have completed Oracle Academy’s Getting Started with Java Using Alice, Creating Java Programs with Greenfoot, Java Fundamentals and Java Programming courses.

The objective of the collaboration is to teach teachers how to teach computer science courses well using the right materials and resources.

“To be part of this project was a very big step in the right direction for the future of our learners. The learners did not only enjoy the coding but their marks [2014-2015] for Grade 11 and Grade 12 in some of the subjects was higher than they thought they could achieve,” said Joleen Rogers of Cloetesville High. “The extra work for learners give them sense of, ‘I must be ready for my future.’ Very hard work for learners, but they began to see their world as one of ‘I must have a decent job’ with a decent salary. Many Thanks to everyone.”

This collaboration between Oracle Academy and Western Cape Education Department serves to create more interest in IT and to encourage more students to consider a career in Computer Science.

W.TEC Celebrates Their First Graduation Class

On June 23, 2015, 125 secondary school girls graduated from Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre’s (W.TEC) After-School Technology Program in Nigeria. This inaugural graduation class – girls aged 11- 17, from 5 different schools – learned basic ICT skills including Alice, a free, educational, introductory Java development environment that engages students to have fun creating animated stories and games.

Prior to the start of the 6-month program, which was designed to inspire interest in computer science and technology, Oracle Academy trained the instructors to lead the Alice workshops and offered support to the educators to help the students to graduation day.

Building the Technology Talent Pipeline in Turkey

In July and August, 2015, more than 100 students and new graduates from Ankara and Istanbul attended the 6th Annual Oracle Turkey Summer Camp supported by Oracle Academy. The summer camp is organized in conjunction with Oracle Turkey’s business partners in order to provide students with essential skills in Java and knowledge of Oracle technologies. The goal of the Summer Camp is to help create a talent pipeline to support Turkey’s business and economic ecosystem.

Japan and Asia Pacific

Oracle Academy Resources Support Computer Science Learning

Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology
After becoming an Oracle Academy member, the Computer Science and Engineering department at the Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology created a computer lab using Oracle Academy resources. To incorporate database-related materials in their courses, faculty members participated in Oracle Academy’s Database Design and Programming with SQL course, and students can work on Java and database projects using Oracle software in the lab.

Chandigarh University
Chandigarh University, also Oracle Academy member, created a lab within their computer science department using Oracle Academy resources to encourage undergraduate, and post-graduate to understand and gain experience with practical aspects of database management and the Java programming language. The University also runs undergraduate programs in Big Data, and Cloud Computing. The lab promotes research and project activity related to Big Data analytics and Cloud computing.

In the labs, students use a variety of Java development environments, such as Alice, Greenfoot, BlueJ, Eclipse and NetBeans, to work on course-related projects like an e-notice board, a table tennis game, face detection, automated application backup, and more.

Oracle Academy Supports Universities in Eastern Indonesia

On July 30, 2015, Oracle Academy partnered with Association of Computer Science Higher Education (APTIKOM) to host an Oracle Academy Day at Makassar State University (UNM), on the major island of Eastern Indonesia.

Prof. Dr. Arismunandar, M.Pd, rector of UNM, informed participants of the intent to implement Oracle Academy programs within universities of Eastern Indonesia. He stressed the importance of accelerating the process of technology adoption and increasing computer science education to align with universities in western Indonesia and globally. The rector underlined that more than 100 universities and vocational schools from eastern Indonesia will gain to benefit from Oracle Academy program.

Oracle Academy participates in SMITensity 2015

On July 24, 2015, the SMITensity 2015 student conference was held at De La Salle University, College of Saint Benilde, Philippines. Using a distance learning approach, Oracle Academy conducted a Getting Started With Java using Alice Workshop for more than 120 college students, who learned the fundamentals of object oriented programming using Alice.

Latin America

Oracle Academy Participates in Virtual Educa

In June, Guadalajara, Mexico, hosted the Sixteenth Annual Virtual Educa Congress, the most important technology and education event for the Latin American and Caribbean regions. More than 12,000 educators and students were invited to participate at the event as well as an additional 25,000 were invited to participate virtually.

As a proud sponsor of the event, Oracle Academy offered 21 Getting Started with Java Using Alice Workshops in an interactive classroom. More than 300 teachers took part, and following the event, were invited to register for Oracle Academy’s Java Fundamentals course.

Java Fundamentals introduces learners to object-oriented concepts, terminology, and syntax, and the steps required to create basic Java programs using hands-on, engaging activities. To date, more than 70 teachers have registered for the course.

Simulação Internationali Marista (SIM) and the Champagnat Week Games

The Colégio Marista de Brasília Ensino Médio Maristão, a traditional institution in Brazil with approximately 1,200 students, annually hosts two major events–The Marist International Simulation (SIM) and the Champagnat Week Games–to assist young adults with developing critical thinking and leadership skills, as well as promote collaboration among the students.

Oracle Academy, SIM, and the Champagnat Week Games challenged students to create animations using Alice on current global topics such as sustainability, criminal activity among youths, and drug prevention.

Congratulations to the winners!

First Place
Team Yellowkura and Team Jokers received first place for the innovative animation focused on reducing the age of punishment for crimes in Brazil from 18 to 16 years old.

Second Place
Team Wildcats received second place for their creative animation focused on solving corruption against young children in Brazil.

Third Place
Team Fury received third place for their resourceful animation focused on religion and children, a relevant topic for this team.

CompuChicas Summer Camp

Oracle Academy, in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science, University of Puerto Rico, Bayamón campus, hosted CompuChicas, a programming summer camp in Puerto Rico for girls. The CompuChicas camp, held in July, aims to encourage girls to pursue careers in the field of programming.

During the camp, 40 girls, ages 13 – 18, participated in activities sponsored by Oracle Academy, including a workshop on women in technology, and introduction to Cloud computing. They also were introduced to Java in the Oracle Academy Getting Started with Java Using Alice workshop. Following the workshop, the students presented their animations and showcased stories inspired by topics such as social problems, sightseeing in Puerto Rico, and protection of endangered animals.

Tech Day in Peru

In July, Oracle Academy participated in TECH DAY sponsored by the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, an initiative developed by the Junior Achievement organization of Peru.

More than 4,000 students were invited to TECH DAY. Oracle Academy hosted Getting Started with Java Using Alice Workshops for the students.

North America

Oracle’s Commitment to Computer Science Education

Oracle Academy is pleased to introduce our Executive Video series, which showcases Oracle executives talking about their commitment to computer science education, offering advice for students to develop both soft skills and advanced technology knowledge, and sharing insights into the latest technology trends.

The first video of the series, Oracle’s Commitment to CS Education, features a number of different Oracle executives from different organizations and highlights the importance of computer science education to all career paths, across industries.

Upcoming videos will delve deeper into technology topics, like Cloud computing and the role of software in environmental sustainability, and offer timely advice from Oracle executives.

Subscribe to the Oracle Academy YouTube channel today to receive notification of the new video releases.

Seal of Alignment for Mastery on Display at ISTE 2015

On June 30, 2015, the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) 2015 welcomed Oracle Academy to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During the event, Oracle Academy led a poster session for educators showcasing the ISTE Seal of Alignment for Mastery that has been awarded to our curriculum.

Our courseware is mapped and aligned to many relevant standards, qualification frameworks and exams globally. This helps educators and educational institutions of all kinds:

  1. Identify the level that has been studied in a particular subject and make it easier to transfer credit points between different learning programs,
  2. Recognize a very wide range of types of learning, and
  3. Provide mappings of Oracle Academy materials to curriculum review boards and similar bodies for curriculum approval purposes, expediting integration of computer science education into the classroom.

When delivering courses and curricula at any level–from secondary school to graduate level courses–it is helpful to know how the curriculum resources align and correspond to commonly-used national and international standards.

“Oracle Academy works with educators to help prepare their students for all levels of computer science studies,” said Lorilyn Owens, director, Oracle Academy North America. “The ISTE Seal of Alignment for Mastery helps to demonstrate the rigor and skills-based indicators found in the curriculum.”

To learn more about the ISTE review findings, visit:

Oracle Academy Delivers Professional Development

Teachers from the United States and Canada preparing for the 2015-2016 school year with Oracle Academy in Pleasanton, CA.

From June through August 2015, more than 150 teachers from the Unites States and Canada were busy preparing for the 2015-2016 school year by completing Oracle Academy courses—Java Fundamentals, Java Programming, Database Design & Programming with SQL, and Programming with PL/SQL.

Oracle Academy in North America delivered more than 15 events–using in person, online and virtual instructor led training formats–to accommodate different schedules and learning styles. The courses were offered in two hour sessions at least twice a week across different time zones within the continental United States and Canada.

If you’re a teacher interested in offering Oracle Academy workshops or courses in your classroom, we encourage you to consider participating in an Oracle Academy training event. You’ll gain the opportunity to develop or brush up on your computer science skills, and you’ll meet other educators planning to teach the same material – inviting you into a supportive community of practice with other teachers in your cohort.

To learn more about our training opportunities, receive a copy of our Fall Course Schedule, or to enroll in one of our training events, email us with subject line, Reserve My Seat.

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