Oracle Academy Newsletter

November 2016

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New Year, New Software, New Resources

Are you looking for new ways to leverage your Oracle Academy membership in 2017? We are pleased to announce two new benefits for our members: the availability of Business Intelligence and Big Data software licenses available for Institutional members, and access to Oracle product documentation for both Institutional and Individual members. Both of these benefits, created based on member requests, are designed to help better support your teaching and learning about modern, in-demand skill areas.

Big Data and Business Intelligence Software

Data and data visualization skills can be important differentiators for students when they enter the job market, no matter their chosen career field. With your Oracle Academy Institutional membership, your students can hone their skills using the same industry leading software Oracle’s commercial partners and customers use—with more than 420,000 companies, government agencies, and other organizations!

The Oracle Academy Big Data portfolio is suitable to help students learn to organize and analyze diverse data sources.

  • Big Data Connectors
  • Big Data Discovery
  • Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data
  • Big Data Spatial and Graph
  • Oracle Big Data SQL

The Oracle Academy Business Intelligence portfolio offers an architecturally integrated business intelligence foundation and provides ad hoc query and analysis, dashboards, enterprise reporting, mobile analytics, scorecards, multidimensional OLAP, and predictive analytics.

  • Oracle Business Intelligence Suite
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher
  • Oracle Data Visualization

To download software, please see our software page. (Membership is required.)

Oracle Product Documentation

Members often ask us about resources that can help learners deepen their understanding of computing and modern technologies using different learning modalities. Our new product documentation benefit offers just that. Now available via the Oracle Help Center to Oracle Academy Individual members for their personal learning use, and to Oracle Academy Institutional members for teaching and not-for-profit academic research purposes, the Oracle product documentation library covers the entire Oracle product stack, and ranges from information about product features and functions to textbook-like resources that can help teachers and students connect software functionality to the computing concepts they are teaching and studying. We encourage you to start exploring this new resource today!

Bring Our New Workshops to Your Classroom

We have three exciting, new, hands-on workshops to introduce your students to computing as part of your regular classroom activities and after school clubs. Oracle Academy Workshops are designed to make first experiences with computing fun and engaging, while still leveraging best academic curriculum practices like project-based learning and methods for assessment.

Our Solve It with SQL workshop—a super way to introduce databases to beginners—challenges students to play the role of a superhero and solve a series of crimes using a cloud-based database development environment.

Do your students like robotics? Finch robots, created by Birdbrain Technologies, are low-cost robots designed specifically for teaching computer science, and our Programming the Finch Robot in Greenfoot and Programming the Finch Robot in Java workshops encourage students to program an interface that makes the Finch Robot interactive using its light, proximity, and temperature sensors. Students program using Java—a real-world language used by more than 9 million developers every day. (Finch robots are not included with the Oracle Academy materials. To buy robots or learn more about the free lending library (U.S. only), visit Birdbrain Technologies.)

Oracle Academy Workshops are best used by educators to introduce students to computer science in a fun and engaging way, to incorporate exposure to computer science into the teaching of other academic disciplines, and to offer a limited introduction to computer science to students via extra-curricular programs and/or workshop experiences.

Want to bring these workshops to your classroom, but need some training first? Visit our events calendar to discover teacher training opportunities.

Oracle Academy Expands Its Support of Education in India

Oracle Academy continues to expand its support of computer science education in India by building ongoing relationships and partnerships in India, this time with the Government of Jharkhand and the Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK).

Commitments in Jharkhand

Oracle India and the Government of Jharkhand are collaborating to encourage innovation, entrepreneurship and industrial growth by bringing Oracle Academy free curriculum and resources their educational institutions as well as support to their associated faculty. Ajoy Kumar, Secretary, Higher & Technical Education, and Raghubar Das, Chief Minister of Jharkhand, represented the government of Jharkhand during the signing of the partnership agreement during the Global Investment Summit at Hyderabad, India.

“Jharkhand has a population of 33 million, with over 40 percent under the age of 14 years, and over 70 percent under 35 years. With promising demographic potential and a network of highly reputed education and research institutions, the industrial and socio-economic future of Jharkhand is bright,” said Ajoy Kumar Singh, Secretary, Department of Higher, Technical Education & Skill Development. “We intend to strengthen our reputation through investments in institutional development and capacity building, for which there is great demand.”

Through this initiative, Oracle Academy will train faculty of educational institutes under a ‘Train the Trainer’ model as well as provide teaching material and software to teach both faculty and students. The government of Jharkhand will assist institutions to develop and maintain the requisite infrastructure under the guidance of Oracle. This partnership is envisaged to increase the availability of IT human resources in the state and hence trigger technology enabled innovation, entrepreneurship and industrial growth.

Oracle Academy Teams with Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge

Building on Oracle’s commitment to expanding its support of education in India announced earlier this year, Oracle Academy and Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) have signed a partnership agreement to introduce Oracle Academy curriculum into 150 engineering colleges in Telangana. As part of this initiative, Oracle Academy resources including software, academic curriculum, hosted technology, educator training, support and certification resources will be made available to students and faculty. The initiative is expected to help 2,000 students and 150 faculty members annually over the next three years.

Commenting on the collaboration, TASK CEO Mr. Sujiv Nair said, “In today’s digital world, demand for employees with IT skills is sky-rocketing, while there’s not enough supply. To be career ready, today’s students need computer science classes as part of their educational pathways. We are delighted to announce our partnership with Oracle. Our goal is to prepare our students on emerging technologies and enhance their employability quotient. Oracle Academy offers a wide range of classroom courses, self-study materials, workshops and other resources including certification discounts which will help our students equip themselves to meet the increasing demands of the IT industry.”

JavaOne4Kids: A Gigantic Leap in Computer Science Learning

Now in its third year, JavaOne4Kids sold out in 2016 and welcomed 450 students, ages 10-18, from the San Francisco Bay Area to the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. These students—40% girls and 33% from under-served schools—arrived eager to take their next step forward in computer science learning. For many students, JavaOne4Kids was their first exposure to computer science activities focused on programming, robotics, and engineering. However, one student was returning to showcase his creation inspired by his first JavaOne4Kids experience and built as his Eagle Scout project.

Jake Sunday, the 16-year-old son of Mark Sunday, Oracle SVP and CIO, returned to JavaOne4Kids 2016 as a keynote speaker. During his keynote, Jake shared information about a game he created using the educational Java development environment Alice, called “The Alice Arcade.” The Alice Arcade teaches Java programming basics, utilizing gamification and a retro-inspired game system reminiscent of old-school favorites like Pac-Man and Frogger.

The Alice Arcade is the result of Jake’s exposure to Alice at JavaOne4Kids2015. “It first started last year when I attended JavaOne4Kids. After seeing all these people doing amazing things, I decided I wanted to do something amazing,” said Jake. Intrigued by Alice, Jake took his new skills and applied them to developing the arcade game. The game became Jake’s Eagle Scout Project and served to demonstrate his leadership skills in the community. The Alice Arcade provides an avenue to deliver computer science education in a way that appeals to young people and encourages them to give programming a try. Jake’s efforts have inspired the Java community. Students at High School built a second Alice Arcade using Jake’s design and programming plans, and the original Alice Arcade has been instated as a permanent exhibit at The Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Learning Opportunities at JavaOne4Kids

JavaOne4Kids provides a full day of learning opportunities for all attendees. Each JavaOne4Kids participant selects three sessions from a list of 21 workshops available during the day—including our new Programming the Finch Robot with Greenfoot and Programming the Finch Robot with Java as well as an Oracle Academy Arcade comprised of Finch robot, Greenfoot, SQL, and Alice Programming tutorials. The Programming the Finch Robot in Java and Solve it with SQL workshops are now available from Oracle Academy for use in your classroom.

Other workshops offered at the event included Build Your Own Website, Defeat the Zombies with Java, Make your Own Game with Greenfoot, Minecraft Modding using Forge 1.8, Let’s Play with a NAO Robot, How to Send a Secret Message, Squash the Bugs!, Star Wars: The Programmer Awakens, and Beginner Android programming for fun and games.

Thank You Volunteers

A big part of the success of JavaOne4Kids is the help and dedication of the 55 volunteers from nearby Oracle offices and the local community. These volunteers offered their time and expertise to conduct workshops, assist workshop facilitators, and register students for the event.

Oracle Academy is a proud, annual sponsor of JavaOne4Kids—one of the largest computer science conferences for kids in North America.

Oracle Academy Prepares Girls to Be Competitive Technology Innovators in Romania

How do you help girls build their confidence in computer science? Arm them with skills, and give them the opportunity to demonstrate and be recognized for what they can do.

This fall, Oracle Academy, in collaboration with Adfaber, a Romanian NGO which promotes society’s development and social change through technology, organized “Women in IT Initiative” events at Spiru Haret National College and Mihai Viteazul National College in Bucharest. Between September 27 and October 13, more than 100 6th – 9th grade female students participated in the Oracle Academy workshop Getting Started with Java Using Alice. To facilitate learning process and promote constructive interaction and dialogue—which contribute to confidence—the students were divided into groups based on age and experience. During these events, the girls had a great time learning object-oriented programming and creating animations. They also gained an understanding that computer science skills will make them more competitive across industries.

What next? Adfaber and Oracle Academy sponsor a national programming competition in Romania to help inspire students to pursue studies and careers in computing. Now that the girls have completed Getting Started with Java Using Alice and started to develop their Java programming skills, they are ready to join the upcoming competition so they can showcase all that they learned so far.

“The students that are now around 9-11 years old will graduate in a world massively impacted by technology. They should have the chance to discover their passion for technology. Our mission is to expose students to technology from an early age and to mentor those that are really passionate about it,” said Alin Chiriac, CEO and founder of ADFABER.

“We want to show students that in our days informatics (CS education) means more that they believe it to be—learning Pascal or C++. Today, the digital environment means a whole system of hard and soft skills, from digital marketing, PR, analytics, big data, graphic design, and networking, to programming for environments like web, mobile, desktop, cloud, embedded, or robotics. We are here to show that coding is the new literacy,” added Mihaela Lemnaru, Program Manager, Kids in Tech.

The best way to encourage kids to explore computer science is by giving them hands-on opportunities to learn, interesting problems to solve, role models, and mentors who will inspire and challenge them. “We’re delighted to partner with Adfaber to support computer science education for girls in Romania,” said Jane Richardson, Senior Director, Oracle Academy EMEA. “Some of the girls we reach just might turn out to be the Ada Lovelaces of the 21st century.”

Coders in Action


On October 29, 2016, Oracle Academy and the University of Utah were proud to offer the ULetGirlsCode event in Utah. Girls, ages 7 – 12, spent their time learning Alice, a programming language developed by Carnegie Mellon University, and then applied their newly developed skills in a challenge to solve practical real-world problems. More than 100 girls attended the event and for many, it was their first exposure to programming or computer science.

Oracle Academy was pleased to sponsor this event as part of our support for the White House #LetGirlsLearn initiative. If you are interested in learning more about this event please contact us.

National Infocomm Competition in Singapore

During the month of August 2016, Oracle Academy Singapore was a proud sponsor of [i.code 2016], hosted by Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore, as one of a series of competitions being offered by National Infocomm Competition (NIC) programs of the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). Prior to the competition period starting, Nanyang Polytechnic delivered training workshops on a variety of technologies, including Java. Forty-one teams from 19 schools participated in the competition. IDA was launched in 2005 to excite students about Information and Communications Technology (infocomm) and to help drive interest of young infocomm talents from secondary schools and junior colleges in order to help them hone their skills. The IDA strategy included offering competitive challenges for students to not only gain their interest but also so they can gain recognition for their achievements at the national level. This initiative is still going strong and has raised exposure and helped create a buzz around infocomm amongst the youth in Singaporean schools.

The top three prizes this year were awarded to EthicalHackers from Dunman High School, DropTable from National University Senior High School, and Team Linkzone from Nan Chiau High School. Champions EthicalHackers developed a mobile application that acts as an effective revision companion for students. The app consolidates what a student has learned, presents study notes in a concise format, and contains mini-apps and games that make revision fun and interactive. For their efforts, each team member from the top three teams received a champion trophy and a mini tablet. The top two teams—Ethical Hackers and DropTable—were also awarded Golden Tickets that allow them to enter the National Infocomm Competitions’ Face-Off Grand Final organized by Infocomm Development Authority Singapore.

Member Spotlight

We are turning the spotlight on our members who are making an impact with Oracle Academy.

The spotlight is on Dr. Juby Mathew, Associate Professor, Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kerala, India!

Oracle Academy has helped Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirappally, educate its students through online resources and conferences and provided its teachers with world-class training, conferences, and professional development opportunities. Over the last five years, more than 1,500 students have used Oracle Academy online resources and gained technical, business and analytical skills and have been awarded completion certificates from Oracle Academy.

Amal Jyothi College of Engineering has established itself as a benchmark of excellence in technical higher education and research. Founded in 2001 by the Catholic Diocese of Kanjirappally, Amal Jyothi is approved by the AICTE and affiliated with APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (KTU), Kerala. It is the first new generation engineering college in Kerala with the prestigious NBA accredited departments and the first and only engineering college in Kerala with the recognition of ‘A’ grade from NAAC.

Oracle Academy: Dr. Juby, you have been an Oracle Academy member for a number of years. What keeps you engaged?

Dr. Juby: It is really a privilege to be a member of Oracle Academy. During the last five years in Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, more than 1,500 students leveraged the online materials and completed courses including Database Design and Programming with SQL, Java Fundamentals, Getting Started with Java Using Alice, and Creating Java Programs with Greenfoot. Other technical knowledge sharing was on the cloud technology environment.

The curriculum is beneficial to both students and academicians. Even though the materials are online, there are opportunities for students as well as staff members to contact the Amal Jyothi College of Engineering teachers who have already been trained through Oracle Academy for any help via email or in person.

The quality of online teaching and the learning process, as well as the standard kept by Oracle in the field of certification, keeps me engaged in continued learning through this platform.

Oracle Academy: Tell us about your experiences with Oracle Academy faculty training.

Dr. Juby: There are a few reasons why I'm drawn to Oracle Academy courses as opposed to a traditional classroom setting. First of all, a full-time job limits your opportunities to attend classes scheduled during normal college hours, and online accessibility helps a lot. Online resources allow people to work on their own and at their own pace. Finally, these resources offer more of a one-on-one teacher-student relationship, rather than a teacher having to split their focus between thirty or sixty other students.

Many of our students have benefited from the Oracle Academy courses. The support provided by Oracle Academy was also valuable. The tutorials help students understand the basic concepts of a subject. The curriculum in the courses is updated, industry-based, and has a suitable syllabus. The study materials provided by Oracle Academy are world class, and provide deep knowledge about databases and programming languages for the student community.

Students are free to ask their questions and get replies from academic experts. There was also a platform made available where students’ questions are addressed through a direct session. With all of the support and materials provided by Oracle Academy, students find it very comfortable facing technical rounds of interviews for an industry job.

Oracle Academy: Dr. Juby, how does Oracle Academy integrate into your current curriculum/program?

Dr. Juby: Oracle Academy integrates in so many ways, like courses mapped along with regular lab hours; supporting students in their micro, mini and major projects; course syllabus updating based on the Oracle syllabus; course training outside lab hours; and more.

The current syllabus followed by our students requires thorough understanding of the subjects. The in-depth study of the subjects is supported by Oracle Academy’s video lectures, tutorials, and different types of questions provided. If a student completes the recommended practice assignment, then it is for sure that he/she will master the topics.

Oracle Academy: What competitive advantage would you like to provide to your students and how does Oracle Academy fit into your overall plans?

Dr. Juby: The resources provided by Oracle Academy add a great advantage for students in terms of career preparation. The certification courses are useful mainly because they align with the syllabus followed by the University.

Moreover, Oracle certification is recognized all over the world. Oracle Academy helps differentiate students in a competitive global job market, prepare students with knowledge of new processes, provide a cost-effective way for students to prepare for Oracle certification exams, and deliver access to Oracle learning materials at a reasonable price.

Oracle Academy: What aspect of teaching computer science do you enjoy the most?

Dr. Juby: The subjects in computer science are based on logic. The subjects help the students to increase their creativity as well as thinking ability. They start to design things logically with much more practical insight. In comparison to most academic disciplines, computer science is an unusual field. Like it or not, you're living in it—this is the Digital Age. Computer programs have all but infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Computer scientists theorize, design, develop and apply the software and hardware for the programs we use day in and day out, which sounds pretty important to us.

Thank you Dr. Juby for your dedication and making an impact on your students!

It’s time to turn the spotlight onto our members who are making an impact with the Oracle Academy. If you are interested in being featured or nominating another member for the spotlight, please contact us.

Oracle Academy Advances Computer Science around the World

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Oracle Academy Sponsors ICICTE 2016

July 7-9, 2016, Oracle Academy was a proud sponsor of the International Conference for ICT in Education (ICICTE) in Rhodes, Greece. More than 120 educators from all over the world attended the event to present their papers and projects. During the event, Oracle Academy presented the benefits of our free Institutional membership and encouraged the attending faculty members to join in order to take advantage of the educational resources and curriculum.

Oracle Academy Sponsors the 6th Annual Capital Link CSR Forum

On June 27, Capital Link CSR in Greece organized the Sixth Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Conference, “Rising to the Challenge” sponsored by Oracle Academy. The conference was attended by more than 800 CSR executives and members of nonprofit organizations.

The conference focused on initiatives that contribute to the stimulation of entrepreneurship and address major societal challenges that exist in Greece today.

Oracle Academy shared best practices with attendees for enhancing the educational systems around the world and in Greece as well as offering the impact Oracle Academy has already made with the local educational institutions, educators, and students of all levels.

Oracle Academy Extends Footprint in Ogun State, Nigeria

On October 4, 2016, Oracle Academy, in collaboration with Covenant University, hosted a one-day Education and ICT Seminar. The event focused on Ogun’s state vision for its Education sector in relation to Technology & Innovation as well as introduced Oracle Academy’s programs as a solution to help bolster computer science education within Ogun.

More than 70 participants—including educators, students, and university directors of ICT— were in attendance as well as the Olusola Lawal, Ogun State Director of Science & Technology and representatives from various schools and institutions.

The panel session, “How to advance technology use in Ogun State” led to a proposed initiative that would extend computer science training to secondary schools in Ogun State. The discussion, led by Professor Christian Bolu, Director at Covenant University, included the plan to include Oracle Academy trainings for teachers and leverage the currently trained lecturers from Covenant University to assist with a “train the trainer” model.

Oracle Academy Sponsors Tenth Panhellenic & International Conference on ICT in Education, Ioannina, Greece

On September 23-25, 2016, the Tenth Panhellenic & International Conference on ICT in Education and the Eight Panhellenic Conference on Computer Science Education were organized by the Hellenic Scientific Association of ICT in Education (HICTE) in Ioannina, Greece. Oracle Academy was a proud sponsor and was invited to present program benefits and resource to the 400 educators in attendance.

Let Girls Learn - STEM Schools Week, Egypt

Quick on the heels of Oracle’s $200 million commitment to support Computer Science (CS) Education for All in the United States, the White House announced Oracle’s additional $3 million commitment to Let Girls Learn, a U.S. government initiative aimed at helping adolescent girls around the world go to school and stay in school.

Egypt’s Ministry of Education, USAID and Oracle Academy will engage in a 3 year partnership to develop Egypt STEM schools IT Curricula and train STEM schools teachers on Oracle Academy courses.

As an initiative under the umbrella of this White House Commitment and as a collaboration between Oracle Academy and the Ministry of Education in Egypt, the Ministry organized a STEM Schools Week that took place during the first week of August at Maadi School for Girls and October 6, 2016, at the school for boys.

These two events included 185 girls and 122 boys who were introduced to Oracle Academy’s Alice and Greenfoot workshops. Students enjoyed having the opportunity to learn and create projects involving basic computer science and programming tools in a fun and engaging way.

Collaborations Continue between Western Cape Government, Africa, and Oracle Academy

In 2014, Oracle and the Western Cape Government Department of Economic Development and Tourism as well as the Department of Education collaborated to initiate a project impacting 180 learners across nine secondary schools in the Western Cape with the objective of providing highly sought after java development skills in Grade 11 and Grade 12. These learners completed Java Fundamentals (Alice and Greenfoot).

In 2016, 37 top performing matriculates were selected to participate in a program run by CapaCiTi and On The Ball College to enhance their foundational skills with further training in Advanced Java through Oracle University (WDP) and a 6-month MICT SETA Learnership.

All 37 learners were successfully placed with internships at top companies in Cape Town, including Absa Aliens, Dynamic Visual Technologies (DVT), Old Mutual, CSG International, Optisolutions, Realm Digital, and 42Wireless.

On October 5, 2016, the Java post matric graduation took place at The River Club Observatory in Cape Town, South Africa.

Congratulations Graduates!

Oracle Academy at CECIIS conference in Varaždin, Croatia

Since 1974, Varaždin, the picturesque and colorful “baroque capital” of Croatia, is the home of the Faculty of Organization and Informatics of the University of Zagreb. Cooperation between the Faculty and Oracle in Croatia is almost two decades long, with many leading lecturers at the Faculty being also experts in Oracle technologies.

With several of its subjects being tightly aligned with Oracle technologies, the Faculty hosts and organizes many of the prestigious international Central European Conferences on the Intelligent and Information Systems (CECIIS) and is, additionally, deeply involved in the Learning Analytics component of by far the largest ICT project nowadays in Croatia, the e-Schools project, led by Croatian Academic and Research Network, CARNet and funded by EU and the Croatian Government.

The emphasis of the CECIIS conference this year, September 21-23, 2016, was Data and Learning Analytics, two areas where Oracle is a global technology leader. Oracle Croatia presented Oracle’s view of the topic entitled, “Perspectives of Big Data.”

As professor Neven Vrček, PhD, Dean of the Faculty emphasized in his conversation with Marin Tadić, Cluster Leader Technology for the Adriatics Region in Oracle (which includes Croatia), “Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin has a long history of cooperation with Oracle in Croatia. Oracle Academy program, which we joined immediately after the launch of its 3.0 version, back in September 2015, provided many valuable resources for further expansion of that cooperation. Oracle Academy curricula and software products available for download and educational use are particularly useful to our teachers/lecturers and students, as those resources fit well into our studying programs. As hosts of Central European Conference of Information and Intelligent Systems (CECIIS) that takes place on our faculty each September and was this year dedicated specifically to the topic of Big Data and Learning Analytics, we really appreciate the support we got from Oracle, as the technology leader in this rapidly developing area, including active participation of its experts in the conference agenda.”

The Faculty and Oracle will continue to cooperate on further alignment and integration of Oracle technologies and Oracle Academy resources into existing subjects and special emphasis will be given on case studies and best practices in the rapidly developing area of Big Data and Business Analytics which gains an increasing importance in Education.

Oracle Academy Romania Strengthens Student Relationships

On October 12, Oracle Academy Romania hosted an Oracle Academy Day event for 60 high school students from 12 different high schools in Bucharest.

Then on October 14, Oracle Academy hosted a second Oracle Academy Day event with more than 100 students second year from Academia de Studii Economice.

Both events gave the students the opportunity to learn about the benefits of Oracle Academy benefits for Individual memberships—ideal for students—which offers computer science resources, Oracle Junior Certification prep materials and discounts on exam vouchers, workshops, and other events.

Japan and Asia Pacific

Singapore Republic Polytechnic Students Visit Oracle

As part of Singapore Republic Polytechnic’s Student Overseas Trip, 47 students and three faculty members from the School of Infocomm recently visited Oracle Singapore and Oracle Melbourne.

In Singapore, Lim Kang Song, country managing director, Oracle Singapore, shared his insights about IT career opportunities following vocational graduation. The Young Oracle Group ASEAN (YOGA) Singapore members shared insights about working at Oracle as well as how to get started as new graduate entering the workforce.

In Melbourne, the students met with Jeff Olson, senior director Big Data and Analytics, Oracle Asia Pacific, to learn about Oracle Big Data and Analytics on cloud versus on-premise as well as cloud security.

“The talk not only broadened the technical perspectives of our students as young IT professionals, but also gave valuable advice for them entering the workforce,” said Diana Wang, Lecturer, Republic Polytechnic.

“It opened our students’ eyes to the vast and exciting opportunities in the IT industry and companies like Oracle. Students are now keenly aware that besides technical roles, IT also encompasses many other areas like pre-sales, post-sales support, and training activities. Mr. Olson had given invaluable insights on the changing landscape of IT industry and how they affect the skill sets needed by young IT professionals entering the workforce,” said Peter Liew, Lecturer, Republic Polytechnic.

HeiLongJiang Agricultural Vocational and Technical College Visits Oracle Solution Center

On July 22, 2016, ten young students from HeiLongJiang Agricultural Vocational and Technical College (HLJNZY), China, took a twenty hour train ride to visit the Beijing Oracle Solution Center. As new Oracle Academy members, the teachers of HLJNZY value Oracle Academy courses and support the use of Oracle technologies. As a result, these ten students were encouraged and supported to visit Oracle. The students were proud to represent their school as new Java learners and were fascinated by Oracle technologies.

“The half-day visit greatly motivated the students to dig deep in advanced technologies. They have expressed the intention to set up an Oracle Club in their college to encourage more students to follow Oracle and hold regular technology exchanges,” said HeJia, teacher, HLJNZY.

Hong Kong Teachers Go Virtual to Learn Alice

From October 7 through November 18, Oracle Academy provided professional virtual instructor-led training (VILT) workshops for 17 teachers from 16 schools across Hong Kong to teach them how to teach students to create 3D animations in Alice. These teachers will be taking their newly developed skills back to their secondary/vocational schools to share the knowledge with their students.

National-level ‘Hackathon’ for Women in Computing

On September 23 -24, 2016, Oracle Academy, sponsored the First ACM India National-level Hackathon for Women in Computing in Goa, India.

Female students from colleges and universities from across India—undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels—were challenged to create “Tech for Public Good” innovations. It was a unique opportunity for these women to interact and code with fellow students as well as get mentored by computing and technology industry professionals, all in a collaborative and lively environment.

The project challenged teams to use an open platform application to develop a web application, mobile application, or software that would help improve something for the public good. Seventy teams eagerly submitted first round projects. Judges reviewed and passed 11 teams to the final round of the Hackathon.

Finalists had an additional challenge, Education Technology, to create innovative apps to help learners with dyslexia or other disabilities.

Congratulations to the winners:

First Prize – Ananya Satoskar, Sheetal Kadlag, and Maitreyi K.V, from CRIT, Vashi, were awarded a trophy and a cash prize of Rs.24000/-.

Second Prize –M.Hyacintha Maris, A. Nivedha, and G. Nivedha, from Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College, were awarded a trophy and a cash prize of Rs.15000/-.

Third Prize – Shweta Salelkar, Shivani Nadkarni, and Mugdha Khatavkar from Goa College of Engineering, were awarded a cash prize of Rs.12000/-.

Oracle Academy Supports Philippines Youth Congress in Manila

Oracle Academy provided sponsorship for the Youth Congress on Information Technology (Y4iT) event—an annual information technology event in the Philippines for college students, professionals, educators, IT experts and enthusiasts—enabling today’s youth to be key drivers in the dynamic IT industry.

The support for the event compliments the recent collaboration between the University of Philippines System Information Technology Foundation Inc. (UPSITF), a non-government organization focused on the application of Information and Communication Technology for development, and Oracle Academy. The UPSITF currently oversees approximately 200 colleges and 4,200 students throughout the Philippines. Oracle Academy and UPSITF will work together to deliver the Oracle Academy programs to the indentified institutions over the next three years.

Oracle Academy Day – Telanagana, India

Oracle Academy and Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) hosted an Oracle Academy Day for 195 faculty members and IT department heads from 95 engineering colleges in Hyderabad, India. Oracle Academy presented a workshop to detail enrollment process as well as how to best leverage Oracle Academy in their colleges. This academia appreciated this event as they are familiar with the Java and Database curriculum and resources available via their Oracle Academy membership.

The event presented the opportunity for the faculty to network and share insights regarding the Indian education system. We are looking forward to building on this momentum and bringing more computer science to the classroom.

Latin America

Oracle Academy Offers Training to Puerto Rico’s Education Department

From August 29 – September 2, 24 teachers from Puerto Rico’s Education Department took part in Oracle Academy’s Java Fundamentals training.

The training, which took place in Hato Rey’s Education Department “Room of Secretaries,” was endorsed by Lourdes Diaz, the Director of Technological Curriculum, and Harry Valentín, Undersecretary of Education. The knowledge teachers acquired will directly impact 720 Puerto Rican students during 2016/2017 academic year.

This event marks the starting point of a joint project between Oracle Academy and the Education Department which aims to give students 21st century skills that the global economy demands.

Oracle Academy Tour for Engineering Students from Universidad Piloto de Colombia

On September 2, Oracle Academy organized an academic tour for twenty Engineering Systems and Telecommunications students at the Oracle Colombia office. Students learned firsthand how Oracle’s Cloud Database, Applications and Engineered systems work.

Business Administration Students Learn about ERPs

On September 14, twenty-five students from the EAN University, Colombia, participated in a workshop to learn about ERPs—everything from its general purpose to specific implementation cases in different businesses.

Women in ICT Panel Creates Platform for ICT Dialogue

On September 29, the Women in ICT panel created a platform for open dialogue with 150 girls from Centro Formativo de Antioquia, Colombia. Oracle Academy facilitated the discussion with students who shared their concerns, experiences, and expectations about building an ICT career. Phase 2 of this session will be an Alice Workshop on November 8.

Oracle Academy México Trains Teachers from DGETI

Oracle Academy Mexico provided Java Fundamentals and Java Programming trainings for 60 teachers from General Direction of Industrial Technology Education (DGETI) schools including Centros de Bachillerato Tecnológico Industrial y de Servicios (CBTis) and Centro de Estudios Tecnológicos Industrial y de Servicios (CETis).

The training, held at the White House Hotel, Mexico City, will allow teachers to transfer their acquired skills directly to students and incorporate the content into their academic curriculum.

The DGETI—responsible for 294 schools nationwide and 22,200 teachers—along with Oracle Academy Mexico, will continue to provide training to teachers while improving the academic preparation for the modern world of more than 59,642 students enrolled at CBTis.

Oracle Academy México Offers Alice Workshop at the BUAP

Oracle Academy Mexico gave an Alice workshop for 30 first-semester students in engineering and systems of the Benemérita Universidad Atónoma de Puebla (BUAP).

These kinds of activities constitute an important space of interaction with the student’s communities, where they can learn firsthand about Oracle solutions and the most important trends in education and training.

Universidad de Las Américas Puebla (UDLAP) invites Oracle Academy to Analytics Day

On September 29, UDLAP invited Oracle Academy to their Analytics Day to introduce students to Oracle and to learn about current education issues and the Educational Institution’s administration.

San Ignacio de Loyola’s University Hosts Engineering Faculty Week

On September 22, Oracle Academy participated in Engineering Faculty Week at the Universidad San Ignacio del Loyola in Lima, Perú, by presenting Smart Analytics to more than 150 students.

Technological Week at SISE Institution

On August 25, Oracle Academy presented keynote speech “Digital Disruption” at Escuela de Tecnologías de Información SISE conference. More than 1,000 students took advantage of the opportunity to share knowledge about current trends and challenges in the IT world.

North America

Joining Forces to Bring Big Data to Students

Beginning this semester, the University of Kansas School of Business is teaming up with Oracle Academy to provide technical resources for its new undergraduate major in business analytics.

“We are pleased to offer Oracle’s technology to students in the new business analytics undergraduate program at the University of Kansas,” said Denise Hobbs, regional director, Oracle Academy, North America. “This collaboration is a powerful example of Oracle’s commitment to advancing computer science education.”

University of Kansas business analytics students will have access to state-of-the-art software to use in the classroom. The University of Kansas new major in business analytics is one of the few business analytics majors in the United States, and the first in the Big 12.

“The KU School of Business is excited to provide this curriculum, which answers a growing demand for professionals with data skills,” said Interim Dean Jim Guthrie. “Our students will be able to manage and analyze data to become better, more informed decision-makers.”

“Our collaboration with Oracle Academy allows us to bring Oracle software and technology into the classroom much more than we have ever done before,” said Chris Claterbos, director of business analytics programs at the KU School of Business. “Exposing our students and educators to the industry’s leading technologies helps improve our experiential learning, improving our students’ skills and giving them the best possible education in data analytics.”

The business analytics major is taught around three primary domains—business administration, data science, and machine learning. The major is composed of five required three-credit-hour core courses and leverages existing faculty expertise in information systems, decision sciences, marketing and supply chain management.

WorldWideWomen Girls’ Festival and Oracle Academy Create a Life-changing Day for San Francisco Bay Area Girls

On October 15, 2016, Oracle Academy in collaboration with Oracle Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), and Oracle Women’s Leadership (OWL), sponsored the WorldWideWomen Girls’ Festival in the San Francisco Bay Area at Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA.

The WorldWideWomen Girls’ Festival supports young women, ages 10 – 18, who are interested in discovering programs and resources, including technology and coding programs, available to them both locally and around the world. The festival brought more than 4,000 young women and their parents/guardians to attend hands-on workshops, play in the STEAM Maker’s space, and be inspired by the global girls’ voices girl panel.

Oracle Academy, along with D&I and OWL volunteers, led three Alice workshops for the young women attending. Alice is an introductory Java development environment created by Carnegie Mellon University. For many of the attendees, it was their first hands-on exposure to computer programming.

“As an Oracle volunteer who has worked at several youth events, there’s no greater satisfaction than seeing curious and determined young faces at the beginning of a workshop light up with bright ‘aha’ smiles when knowledge and effort pays-off. At this event, there were many, many girls who started off shy and quiet but left inspired and confident of their newly learned programming skills. We certainly made an impact today,” said Gerry Borja, Injured Veteran Internship Program Manager Oracle HR Diversity and Inclusion.

The WorldWideWomen organization is dedicated to building a global movement for women’s and girls’ equality through technology, philanthropy, and advocacy. By creating a girls’ festival, they have created a game-changing day of exploration, empowerment, and fun for thousands of Bay Area girls and their families across a broad spectrum of diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. The festival was an opportunity for girls to be inspired and connect with the many amazing resources that are available to encourage and support them to become leaders of tomorrow.

Tech Sassy Girlz Day Conference Energizes in Florida

On October, 22, 2016, Oracle Academy was pleased to support the Fifth Annual Tech Sassy Girlz STEM Day Conference for more than 150 middle and high school girls from Central and South Florida. This free conference, held at the University of Central Florida College of Engineering and Computer Science, provided informative and hands-on demonstrations including developing an interactive Alice workshop. For many of the girls, this event was their first exposure to object-oriented programming and they enjoyed seeing objects come to life through their effort of learning to code.

During this STEM day event, the girls also had the opportunity to interact with women technology leaders who shared their computer science knowledge and experiences of being a woman in a modern career.

Tech Sassy Girlz in an initiative of the Collegiate Pathways, Inc., a local non-profit established to serve low-income, first generation and underrepresented students by providing academic and career guidance as well as exposure and access to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.

Oracle Academy Honored to Support SIGITE

On September 28, 2016, Oracle Academy presented at the annual Special Interest Group of Information Technology Educators (SIGITE) Conference held in the historic city of Boston, Massachusetts. The event brought together decision makers, academics, teachers, and students, from several countries, to share and learn together about the latest computer science education resources available for educating K-12 and college level students.

An experienced Oracle Academy Community College instructor member shared one of Oracle Academy’s newest workshops, Solve It with SQL, with teachers and professors of K-12, community colleges, and 4-year institutions. Solve It with SQL is a fun and engaging workshop designed to introduce students to SQL by playing the role of superheroes solving crimes, and was well-received by conference attendees. We look forward to seeing you at the 2017 SIGITE conference!

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