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November 2015

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Oracle Junior Certification Exams Now Available

Being able to show what you know and can do differentiates you from the competition–whether you are preparing to further your education, or get the internship of your dreams.

Our new Java Foundations Certified Junior Associate and the Oracle Database Foundations Certified Junior Associate credentials arm you with the fundamentals of Java programming and database conceptual knowledge–and give you the Oracle edge. Certification also validates your capabilities, showing your potential to continue to gain skills and build knowledge as you advance your education. These credentials prepare you to progress into Oracle Certified Associate level, and later to Oracle Certified Professional.

Junior Associate certifications are ideal for students in secondary schools, two- and four- year colleges and universities as well as faculty members who teach foundational Java, database and computer science classes.

Oracle Academy’s Java Foundations and Database Foundations courses align to Oracle professional certifications offered through Oracle University and prepare you for the exams allowing you to demonstrate your database and Java knowledge and skills with a distinction that is recognized by IT professionals industries.

Position yourself or your students for success. Oracle Junior Certifications are a helpful credential when applying for internships, summer jobs, and first jobs leaving post-secondary education with marketable Java and database skills.

Learn more about Oracle Junior Certifications today.

JavaOne4Kids: The Next Generation of Programmers

On Saturday, October 24, 2015, 450 students—three times as many as last year’s event—ages 10-18, convened in San Francisco, California, for an amazing day of computer science, coding, and robotics workshops at JavaOne4Kids.

JavaOne4Kids, offered in conjunction with Oracle Open World and JavaOne, offers students who want to learn more about programming, robotics, and engineering an opportunity to engage with each other and with computing professionals from around the world. In collaboration with Devoxx4Kids and Target, Oracle Academy organized a day of hands-on workshops including Greenfoot, Alice, Minecraft Modding, Java, Python, Scratch, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, NAO Robot, and Lego Mindstorms.

“We’re particularly proud that a focus of this event is on expanding diversity in computing,” said Alison Derbenwick Miller, vice president, Oracle Academy. “We were delighted that nearly 40% of our participants were girls, and through Oracle Academy sponsorship, 150 students were from underserved communities in or near the San Francisco Bay Area.”

Inspired to Learn

During the opening session, students were inspired by Hania Guiagoussou, a high school student from Dublin, California, who developed a “Water Saver” system to monitor and control water usage in gardens and fields. “I wasn’t into programming until I took a Java programming summer workshop at Oracle in 2011, where I learned object-oriented programming using Alice,” she told attendees. “I was a newbie, just like many of you… My coding skills are like super powers that I can use to help others and change the world!”

Among the keynote speakers were Oracle executives Mark Sunday, Chief Information Officer, and John Fowler, Executive Vice President, Systems, who offered welcoming remarks, personal anecdotes, and stressed the significance of the day’s activities.

“I, like every other parent, initially tried to get [my son] away from the computer,” Sunday said. “But then I realized he was acquiring some invaluable skills. I noticed that he was even getting up at 3 or 4 in the morning to work collaboratively with his buddy in England—which is something I sometimes do to keep up with the thousands of employees in 50 countries who work for me. So he’s developing some great habits in global collaboration.”

JavaOne4Kids: Just the Beginning

As the day progressed, each student had the opportunity to attend three sessions, many of which were designed to spark interest among a future generation of Java programmers. Oracle Academy premiered new robotics workshops where students learned to program Finch robots using Greenfoot and Java, and a new SQL workshop that introduced students to SQL queries in the course of solving a mystery. Look for more about these workshops on our website in the coming months.

“JavaOne4Kids is just the beginning,” said Tyra Crockett, senior manager, Oracle Academy, North America. “It’s a gateway to get students excited about programming. Students can build upon what they learned during JavaOne4kids through Oracle Academy at member schools. We can’t wait to offer this again next year!”

We encourage you to visit the JavaOne Conference website see the JavaOne4Kids in action.

Oracle Academy Russia and HSE Business Incubator Launch Educational Course

Oracle Academy Russia and Higher School of Economics (HSE) Business Incubator launched a new educational initiative in Moscow, Russia, that attracted more than 500 students of Informatics, Business Administration and Economics.

The one month course is designed to empower students with knowledge and solutions proven to be efficient in a business environment and to Oracle solutions and technologies including IoT, Big Data, Logistics, HRM, Mobile Applications and CX. Additionally, the course encourages students to develop practical skills to help them understand how IT and business overlap in order to create efficiencies and drive new innovations.

“Today’s students need not only information, but hands-on experience of solving business problems with different software tools. Mobile technologies, Internet of Things, Big Data—these are hot topics nowadays. Learning how to approach and provide solutions to businesses in these areas is the most valuable part of this course. We are thankful to Oracle Academy for understanding the importance of practical learning and being ready to close skills gap that exists,” said Anastasiya Tyurina, Head of Department of Innovative Development of HSE.

As part of the course, students have access to online resources and downloads and to Oracle professionals. “We think live interaction with the practitioners is very important for those who want to learn how to apply modern technological tools in real world situations. We want these students to build their competence in the most relevant technological areas to feel secure in the labor market,” said Maria Orlovskaya, Country Leader Oracle Russia.

At the completion of the course, Oracle Academy sponsored a hackathon in which 40 students were invited to participate at the HSE Business Incubator. The winners will have an opportunity to undertake a short-term internship with Oracle Russia.

“By contributing to students’ computer knowledge and skills development, we build a community of specialists who have potential for rewarding and fulfilling careers,” said Jane Richardson, senior director, Oracle Academy EMEA. “Oracle Academy shows students how computer science can help them measure, interrogate and understand the world better, and then gives them hands-on opportunities to develop these skills. Our investment in the next generation of technology innovators and leaders will benefit both Russia and the greater global economy.”

Visit our website to find out how to bring computer science to your community or contact us for more information. Learn more about Oracle Academy Russia and the HSE Business Incubator educational course here: or

Tech Sassy Girlz Conference Powered by Oracle Academy

On October 17, 2015, Oracle Academy was pleased to present the Tech Sassy Girlz Conference to 75 middle and high school girls from Central and Southern Florida. This free conference, held at the University of Central Florida in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, provided seminars, hands-on demonstrations, workshops and engineering design challenges, including developing a QR code and an interactive Alice session. Alice is an introductory Java development environment created at Carnegie Mellon University.

Students also had the opportunity to interact with women technology leaders who shared the importance of staying in school, pursuing opportunities and taking advantage of learning and increasing their computer science knowledge to open the door for modern careers.

For many of the girls, this event was their first exposure to object-oriented programming. They enjoyed adding, moving and manipulating their objects by dragging and dropping code blocks as well as playing their animations and seeing the objects come to life through their code.

Tech Sassy Girlz is an initiative of Collegiate Pathways, Inc., a local non-profit established to serve low-income, first generation and underrepresented students by providing academic and career guidance as well as exposure and access to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.

Bring computer science to your community. Visit our website for more information.

Coders in Action

Learn to Run a Funded Summer Computing Camp

Oracle Academy and Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) are teaming up to offer workshops to teach teachers how to run a funded, sustainable, and effective summer computing camp. Through Georgia Tech’s Office of Computing Outreach, three (3) free workshops are available for high school computing teachers, college and university faculty or staff, as well as non-profit organizations that run camps at colleges and universities. Attendees can participate in person or attend remotely using webinar software. Information on how to apply for seed funding of up to US$4,999 is included in the workshop. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Congratulations to HackPR2015 Winners

On September 19-20, 2015, Oracle Academy participated in HackPR 2015, the largest hackathon in Puerto Rico.

This year, more than 600 hackers signed up—doubling the participation of last year—to take the challenge of developing the best mobile application using the Oracle Mobile App Framework.

Congratulations to the winners, Humberto Diaz, Jaimetted Olivieri and Juli Valdés for creating a game in Java.

Oracle Academy Advances Computer Science around the World

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Oracle Academy Engages Teachers with Professional Development Sessions

In September, Oracle Academy was invited to present to teachers and principals of XV Grammar School in Zagreb, Croatia, during the Education and Teacher Training Agency (ETTA) professional development training for educators and principals. ETTA regularly organizes these events for exceptional teachers of primary and secondary schools. Teachers planned to implement Oracle Academy resources as part of the Java curriculum at their schools.

Generation Digital, Uploading Europe

Oracle Academy was a proud sponsor of the 9th National Session of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) Cyprus, Generation Digital, Uploading Europe, inspired by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020. This year’s event inspired discussions on current, crucial European topics which fall under the wider theme of closing the skills gap in Europe.

More than 300 participants aged 16 – 18 from various European countries engaged in activities to help them recognize computer science as a tool of empowerment and inspiration that fosters innovation, economic growth and progress. In addition to being a sponsor, Oracle Academy facilitated one of the five workshops, connecting the importance of the Digital Economy and Society. Key themes identified by students during the workshop were the clear mismatch between what educational institutions are offering for curriculum compared to industry needs, and the need to have the right skills at the right time.

Roberta Training Teachers with Java for LEGO Mindstorms EV3

In November, Roberta will be conducting a teacher training using the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 system—based on EV3 Programming with Java written in cooperation with Oracle Academy—to teach Java programming. The training offers practical, hands-on, object-oriented exercises as well as teaches leJOS. leJOS includes a Java runtime system for the LEGO Mindstorms NXT systems (leJOS NXJ) and EV3 (leJOS EV3), required to program and operate the robot using Java.

The Roberta Java training includes:

  • Presentation of different leJOS programming environments
  • Integration of leJOS into Eclipse
  • Introduction to Java programming
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Programming with leJOS
  • Activation of motors
  • Reading various sensors
  • Course concepts, teaching and course design with Roberta
  • Java and Open Roberta
  • Problem-solving approach

For more information about Roberta – Learning with Robots, visit the Roberta website.

Ireland Hosts Its First Oracle Academy Teacher Training

On October 3, 2015, Oracle Academy and the Northside Partnership hosted a teacher training day at the Marino Institute of Education in Ireland. Teachers spent the day learning Java using Oracle Academy’s Getting started with Java using Alice course.

Denis Moynihan, teacher from Greenlanes National School, Dublin, Ireland, said, “The students of today are the content developers of tomorrow. With proper training, they can become innovators in their fields. Thank you to the Oracle Academy team for providing me with the training to help give my students an introduction to Java coding.”

“This was the first Oracle Academy teacher training day in Ireland, and we hope to facilitate many more to allow Irish teachers to benefit from this valuable training. We look forward to the continuing development of our relationship with Oracle Academy and The Marino Institute of Education,” said Noel Kelly, program manager, Northside Partnership.

Northside Partnership works to improve the opportunities for people and communities in northeast Dublin to bring about positive changes in their own lives and in the life of their community.

Oracle Academy Day in Istanbul

On September 16, 2015, Oracle Academy Day brought together academics and Oracle Academy members from various universities in Istanbul. Thirty-five participants from 20 universities had the opportunity to discuss the latest Oracle and Java technologies directly with industry experts.

National Coding Contest in Romania

Oracle Academy is pleased to sponsor a national coding contest in Romania, Learn to Code with Alice, encouraging young Romanian students learn the basics of technology, programming and computer science. The contest emphasizes that anybody can learn how to code through fun and engaging 3D animations, movies and games with Oracle Academy”s Getting Started with Java using Alice. Students have submitted their projects to the judging panel, and the winner will be announced in November.

Japan and Asia Pacific

Oracle Academy Day in East Java

On September 1, 2015, Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang hosted an Oracle Academy Day for students, faculty members and department heads of secondary vocational and technical schools and universities in Malang, East Java.

Oracle Academy Day created an opportunity to share information with attendees about Oracle Academy curriculum—with a focus on Java Fundamentals—and how Oracle Academy courses align to their existing curriculum.

Latin America

Teachers Learn More to Benefit Their Students

Oracle Academy is working closely with the General Direction of Industrial Technology Education in Mexico to provide professional development in computer science for more than 2,200 teachers from 294 schools. The additional knowledge and skills these teachers gain will benefit more than 59,000 students.

Also this month, Oracle Academy Mexico offered a Java Fundamentals train-the-trainer session for 50 educators from the Centers for School of Industrial Technology and Services (CBTis). These educators will now deliver Java Fundamentals training to other teachers across the country, empowering them to help close the computer science skills gap in Mexico.

The Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León Celebrates Bachelor of IT 40th Anniversary

Oracle Academy and Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the University offering a Bachelor of Information Technology degree. During the event, more than 200 attendees heard technology experts share important education topics, personal success stories and information about Oracle’s philanthropic work. Oracle Academy delivered an abbreviated Getting Started with Java using Alice workshop to introduce more than 30 attendees to object-oriented programming.

Oracle Academy Takes Alice to the Ibero

On October 21, 2015, Oracle Academy hosted a Getting Started with Java using Alice workshop for 30 students from the Technical College at the Universidad Iberoamericana, an Oracle Academy member of four years.

Oracle Academy Presents Information Security

On September 25, 2015, Oracle Academy presented about Information Security during the International Conference on Computing and Telecommunications. More than 1000 participants attended the event, which focused on topics including computer science, telecommunications, computing and quantum simulation, and robotics. The event was organized by the University Inca Garcilaso de la Vega in Lima, Peru.

Upcoming Events


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NOVEMBER 27, 2015

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Oracle Office, Vienna, Austria

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