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March 2016

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Oracle Academy Receives 2015 ICTAK Technology Partner Award

On December 17, 2015, Oracle Academy was presented with the 2015 Best Technology Partner Award from the ICT Academy of Kerala (ICTAK) member colleges for contributing to our shared mission–preparing students for life and work in our modern technology-driven global economy–by providing a variety of resources including technology, curriculum, courseware, and educator training to their faculty.

“It is with gratitude that we recollect the wonderful contribution from Oracle Academy for many of our programs which gave us strong motivation to move forward,” said Santhosh Kurup, CEO, ICT Academy of Kerala. “Your team supported us with webinars and database and Java training programs programs at multiple locations.”

In October, 2014, Oracle and the ICTAK signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to help facilitate the implementation of Oracle Academy computer science resources in educational institutions across the state of Kerala.

Since that time, more than 40 colleges in Kerala have become Oracle Academy members and implemented Oracle Academy resources and curriculum in their programs to enhance students’ knowledge and skills, preparing them for modern careers.

Oracle Academy Receives the Bravo Sustainability Award

On December 21, 2015, Oracle Hellas received the Bravo Society Award for Medium Size Companies in recognition of the successful results achieved in Greece from 2012-2015, by the Oracle Academy teacher training initiative.

The Recognition

The Bravo Sustainability Awards focus on dialogue-driven initiatives that support the strengthening of sustainable development through the various practices and actions developed in Greece. One hundred twenty social partners along with 4,686 active citizens evaluated the 170 practices and actions submitted by 42 companies, 15 local authorities and 38 civil society organizations for the consideration of the five categories within the Bravo Awards–Bravo Governance, Bravo Market, Bravo Environment, Bravo Society and Bravo In Action. The Awards were announced during the Bravo Sustainability Awards ceremony on Wednesday, December 16, 2016, at the Amphitheatre of the Acropolis Museum.

“It’s with great honor we that receive the Bravo Society Sustainability Award in Greece. Oracle Academy is continuously raising the bar with our academic programs to ensure that the knowledge and practical skills students gain with Oracle Academy will help them advance their academic studies in computer science or enter the job market across industries,” said Danny Gooris, senior manager, Oracle Academy, EMEA. “Oracle Academy is committed to working together with educational stakeholders in Greece to support continuous computer science learning at all levels. All students need access to good computer science education to be ready for today’s global digital economy.”

The Reward

The teacher training initiative recognized by the Bravo Sustainability Awards focused on teaching teachers how to teach computer science courses–through free professional development events offered by Oracle Academy. During the school years of 2012 through 2015, Oracle Academy trained more than 320 IT teachers of all educational levels across Greece. Sixteen courses, including Java Fundamentals, Java Programming, Database Design & Programming with SQL, and Programming with PL/SQL, were conducted virtually and in Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa, and Tripoli in the labs of universities.

“Pilot teaching of programming with Alice 3 on 15-16 years old students was very interesting. Offering an appealing visual interface with the combination of the SIMS characters motivated virtually all students to participate and learn. Even ‘weak’ students showed a greater than average performance. Never happened before in a programming course!!!" shared Pericles Mourikis, IT teacher, High School of Panormos.

The majority of the educators, excited about the Oracle Academy curriculum and resources, returned to complete additional courses. Many teachers have already implemented the knowledge they gained during their courses and are achieving positive results with their students.

More than 20,000 Students Unleash Their Creativity at Utah STEM Fest

From February 2-4, 2016, more than 20,000 students, ages 12 - 15, unleashed their creativity and learned how computer science provides a foundation of innovation for modern careers–regardless of industry–during the Utah STEM Fest. Students had a unique opportunity to explore STEM careers in a hands-on interactive way including experience with Alice 3, an introductory Java development environment developed at Carnegie Mellon that is suitable for all beginning learners.

Oracle Academy was proud to partner with Oracle Volunteers as well as Mark Sunday, Oracle’s Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer. “I’m thrilled with Oracle’s participation in Utah’s STEM Fest. We were able to excite the students to understand just how interesting and fun programming can be. We made significant progress in laying a foundation to motivate these kids to learn skills that are not only in tremendous need, but also enjoyable and rewarding!” said Sunday. “It was fabulous that the students were accompanied by their teachers. Seeing the joy the students experienced while learning valuable skills was a great way to motivate the teachers to embrace computer science and leverage Oracle Academy in their curriculum.”

Students of all programming levels participated in a self-guided Alice 3 tutorial–teaching basic programming concepts for beginners and concepts like loops and methods for the advanced learner. Students left the event inspired to continue building their creations at home with their own copy of the Alice 3 program–and with a positive impression of Oracle and technology.

“From my perspective, it was one of the most successful student events that I have experienced since joining Oracle Academy,” shared Nancy Hoffman, curriculum developer, Oracle Academy. “As a former classroom teacher, the students were engaged, sometimes to the point of parents/teachers having to drag them away. And the interactions we had with educators, chaperones, parents, and teachers allowed us to share our great resources.”

The teachers who accompanied the students experienced firsthand how technology can transform a student’s learning experience as well as how easily they can implement Oracle Academy curriculum into their classroom and receive free professional development training on Java and database.

Vaughn Webster, a computer science teacher at Academy for Math Engineering & Science said, “The STEM Fest introduction of Oracle Academy tutorials with the programming tool Alice was extremely exciting. I introduced 210 students to Alice with great success. The Oracle Academy tutorials allowed students who may have programmed before and those who had no programming experience to animate characters in the Alice environment. I am very excited about using the Oracle Academy tutorials with the Alice development tool in my programming class curriculum.”

Coders in Action

Take the Dear Hero Computer Science Challenge!

Oracle Academy and Destination Imagination are proud to announce the Dear Hero Computer Science Challenge–the opportunity to thank someone important in your life and win attendance at the 2016 Destination Imagination Global Finals at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville, from May 25-28, 2016.

What is the Challenge?

Think about someone who has made a positive and significant difference in your life. If you had the opportunity to say thank you to them, what would you say?

Then use Alice 3–a free computer animation program–to create a special thank you message to your Hero. Once you have completed your thank you message, 30 seconds or less, upload it to YouTube and submit your YouTube video link through the Dear Hero challenge submission form.

Most importantly, after you submit your form, share it with your Hero and the world on social media using the #DearHero2016 hashtag.

One winning thank you message will be selected. The winning individual or team of seven or less will become an Oracle Ambassador and you and your Hero will be invited to attend the 2016 Destination Imagination Global Finals–the world’s largest celebration of student creativity–at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville, May 25-28, 2016. Your special thank you message will be presented to more than 16,000 attendees and your Hero will be presented with a special award at the event.

The deadline to submit your video is April 5, 2016.

More Information

Read more about the Dear Hero Challenge and find out more about Oracle Academy’s Getting Started with Java Using Alice self-study course for help as you work on your thank you message.

We Need You! Volunteer to Judge at Intel ISEF

Each year, the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) encourages millions of students worldwide to participate in local and school-sponsored science fairs. In May, more than 1,700 students representing 75 countries, regions and territories will compete in the world’s largest international pre-college science competition.

The high school students are the top winners of regional, state and national science fairs from around the world. They will compete for more than $4 million in awards, scholarships, internships and prizes. During the fair, these top scientific minds will showcase their talents on an international stage, where doctoral level scientists review and judge the work.

Oracle Academy–a proud sponsor–invites you to become a part of this amazing event. The success of the fair depends in part on valuable contributions from volunteers. If you live in or near Phoenix, Arizona, or if you will be at Intel ISEF, we need your help!

Oracle Academy is looking for Special Awards Judges. Intel ISEF Special Awards Judges will judge and determine the winners of Oracle Academy special awards of $5000 each from amongst Intel ISEF finalists.

Please contact us if you would like to be a Special Award Judge or learn more about Intel ISEF judges.

Forth Valley College Completes Big Data Science Bootcamp

Congratulations to the students of Forth Valley College, Scotland, who have successfully completed the Oracle Academy Big Data Science Bootcamp!

“The Big Data Science Bootcamp provided a three day asynchronous training for data science fundamentals which was recognized and provided by the Oracle Academy. Students were exposed to real life data sets from a variety of organizations. They covered a range of techniques from data wrangling in Python and SQL to machine learning and steam analysis in Apache Spark. We also provided a unified environment for the students that is commonly used by data scientists, using industrial frameworks such as iPython Notebooks. The environment worked upon was a full image provided by Oracle which included components such as Hadoop, Spark, Oracle Database and Oracle SQL Developer within a Linux Server Environment,” shared William McRae, lecturer, Forth Valley College.

Students were divided into 3-person development teams, with each member playing a typical industry role. Over the three days, they were required to participate in an instructor-led course that included a series of video lectures and practical exercises. At the end of the third day, the student teams were required to give a presentation that reflected how Big Data could be incorporated within the college sector.

“Doing the Big Data Science Bootcamp has brought the world of Big Data closer to home for the students. It let them think about real life uses of data and how it could change not only their but everyone else's life. Having enjoyed their three days of Big Data activities, hopefully it will have sparked an interest and will encourage them to pursue a career in this field,” said William McRae.

Participating students were awarded a certificate of completion by Oracle Academy.

Why is Big Data important? Data-driven business is quickly becoming the standard in almost every industry, creating unprecedented demand for data-oriented professionals across a wide range of disciplines. Oracle Academy’s Big Data Science Bootcamps help students gain Big Data knowledge and develop skills necessary for modern careers.

Oracle APEX Hackathon for Students of North Rhine-Westphalia

Oracle Academy, Oracle Germany, and Oracle partner Pitss GmbH are pleased to launch the 2016 APEX Hackathon. Participating student teams will receive one-day of APEX and PL/SQL training at the Oracle Düsseldorf office. Teams will then be challenged to create their own APEX application by end of April at which time projects will be evaluated by the Jury Team. The official awards ceremony will take place on June 1, 2016. Watch for more information coming soon.

Oracle Academy Advances Computer Science around the World

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Oracle Academy Introduces Alice to Students in Ghana

On December 18, 2015, Oracle Academy proudly introduced Alice 3.1–a free, introductory Java development environment created at Carnegie Mellon University–to 27 students, ages 9 – 14 years, from different schools in Ghana. The event was met with a set of enthusiastic and excited students. Given 45 minutes to practice at the end of the training event, the students were able to showcase animation stories they created about aliens and more.

Kids & Teens Expo 2015, Lagos, Nigeria

On Saturday, December 12, 2015, Oracle Academy was a proud sponsor of “The Kids & Teens Expo 2015” at Tickle Bay, Lagos, Nigeria. Oracle Academy and Oracle Volunteers offered an Alice workshop as well as their IT solutions knowledge to children from 11 different schools in Lekki. The students were excited to learn how to create short animated stories in Alice.

Educational Technologies Summit 2015, Turkey

On December 5, 2015, Oracle Academy presented at the first Education Technology Summit organized by Ministry of National Education Turkey. The event brought together decision makers, academics, experts, NGOs, teachers, students, and technology providers to share theoretical and practical computer science education information. Minister of National Education, Nabi Avci, attended the coding education panel in which Oracle Academy shared its contributions to skills development within Turkey’s primary and secondary schools.

Japan and Asia Pacific

Knowledge Builder Event increases Student Awareness of Computer Science

On December 7, 2015, 360 students and faculty members attended a Knowledge Builder event held by Oracle Academy at Binus University, Indonesia, a leadingcomputer science university.

The event engaged students directly to get them excited about studying computer science and gave them the opportunity to connect with professionals in the industry. Presentations included information about the latest Oracle technologies, Oracle Academy member resources and curriculum, and the importance of gaining the Oracle edge through Oracle professional certifications.

139 Universities Attend Oracle Academy Day, Taiwan

On January 22, 2016, Taiwan academics from 139 universities gathered at the Information Service Association of Chinese Colleges to learn about Oracle Academy resources that can be used in the classroom and in not-for-profit academic course- and degree-related research, including technology, curriculum and courseware, student workshops, educator training, and Oracle industry certification and exam preparation materials.

Welcome Naaya Aayam Multi-Disciplinary Institute

Welcome Naaya Aayam Multi-Disciplinary Institute (NAMI), the first Oracle Academy member university in Nepal!

“Joining Oracle Academy has benefited me as well as my colleague faculties very much. We are teaching the subject databases which is completely based on Oracle 11g. It contains both database development as well as application development,” said Mr Deepak Kumar Karna, lecturer at NAMI. “I have also worked for more than 5 years in software industry using Oracle database and its BI tool so learning technologies with Oracle is quite interesting for me. My motivation for learning with Oracle to my students will surely lead their career towards success. My faculty members are also professional and are enjoying the resources from the academy. Various trainings from Oracle Academy to our faculties as well as students will provide more benefit to us.”

With the help of the Oracle Academy resources and curriculum, NAMI aims to bring world class computer science education to the country.

Oracle China Wins Award for Impact in Education

On January, 25, 2016, the China Ministry of Education (MOE) presented Oracle China with Most Valued Partner Award China in recognition for the great efforts and contributions Oracle Academy made to Chinese education in 2015.

Oracle Academy Sponsors 4th Annual University/College Computer Professional Talent Cultivation Forum

Oracle Academy sponsored the 4th Annual University/College Computer Professional Talent Cultivation Forum in Harbin, China. The event–focused on computer science training, professional development, and certifications–welcomed more than 200 attendees from higher vocational and technical colleges and universities.

Latin America

Database Programming with PL/SQL, Colombia

On January 18, 2016, highly motivated teachers from the Corporación Unificada Nacional (CUN) computer science degree program began learning Programming with PL / SQL to implement the curriculum into their classrooms.

CUN is committed to strengthening Colombia through education by offering Administrative Sciences, Computer Science and Communications to all socio-economic levels of the community, especially women. To advance this goal, CUN is working with Oracle Academy to empower educators.

CETIS and CBTIS Invest in Their Teachers

This month, Industrial Technology Study Centers and Services (CETIS) and Center School of Industrial Technology and Service (CBTIS) collaborated with Oracle Academy to provide Java Fundamentals and Java Programming for more than 100 teachers in Mexico. CETIS and CBTIS are dedicated to the professional development of their teachers and encourage the use of Oracle tools in their schools to bring the best technologies and computer science curriculum to their students.

Oracle Academy in Jamaica

On January 4, 2016, 28 teachers from the University of Technology, Jamaica, completed their first two Oracle Academy courses–Database Design and Programming with SQL and Java Programming.

Oracle Academy and UTECH strive to advance the long-term education program in Jamaica for both high school and university levels.

Congratulations on your completion of the courses and thank you for your commitment and enthusiasm to learn!

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