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March 2015

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MAR 4-7, 2015


Kansas City, MO, United States

MAR 11, 2015

Ask the Oracle Experts


MAR 14-15, 2015

ICTENSW 2015 Conference

Sydney, Australia

MAR 15, 2015

2nd Gaming Festival

Athens, Greece

MAR 15, 2015

Junior Achievement Innovation Camp

Colombes, France

MAR 26, 2015

Oracle Day Venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela

APR 8, 2015

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APR 9-12, 2015

Learning and Teaching in Computing and Engineering

Taipei, Taiwan

APR 28, 2015

X-STEM Symposium

Washington, DC, United States

MAY 10-15, 2015

Intel International Science and Engineering Fai

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

MAY 13-16, 2015

APKIT Educational Conference

Perm, Russia

MAY 20-23, 2015

Destination Imagination Global Finals

Knoxville, TN, United States

JUN 5-8, 2015

IT Planet Olympiad

Minsk, Belarus

New College Lanarkshire Launches Higher National Diploma in IT—Requirements for Completion include Oracle Academy Curriculum

New College Lanarkshire (NCL) has launched a new Higher National Diploma (HND) in IT as an offering for its students. The two year program includes Oracle Academy curriculum and is aligned directly to national academic standards upheld by the Scottish Qualifications Authority—as well as incorporating essential “soft skills” sought after by employers including communication, collaboration and team work. The Diploma course also includes modules of learning input from the Royal Bank of Scotland which reflect the needs of their industry sector aligned to the completion of work experience within the organization.

The diploma’s curriculum focuses on key computer science skills in Java and Database Design and Development and incorporates Oracle Academy curriculum which will provide NCL students with exposure to current and relevant technologies that will give them an edge when entering the workforce. The Oracle Academy curriculum incorporated into the Diploma includes Java Foundations, and Database Foundations with SQL and PL/SQL.

The second component of the program exposes students to on-the-job experiences through a partnership between the college and the Royal Bank of Scotland that enables students to apply their new skills and knowledge to on-the-job scenarios and problem solving. This work experience is facilitated by the college to ensure alignment with pre-determined expectations for the student/employer relationship that support a successful partnering between each student and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Sixteen students have successfully completed their study and have graduated with the Higher National Diploma. As part of their work experience the students developed a mobile Java application for the Bank.

To find out more about how Oracle Academy’s curriculum can be embedded into a National Standard, institution or classroom, contact our Oracle Academy outreach team.

2014 U.S. High School CS Survey: The State of Computer Science in U.S. High Schools: an Administrator’s Perspective

Oracle Academy and Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) collaborated to find a data-based understanding of computer science education within U.S. high schools. More than 20,000 public and private 9–12 secondary school principals and vice principals in the United States received the survey, designed to identify CS education opportunities being provided in high schools, determine how broadly CS is being offered in the US, and determine the different ways CS is being defined.

The statistically significant results indicate that among high school administrators, there is a lack of understanding of what computer science really is, and the potential future value it offers to students. Additionally, many administrators are not fully aware of the content being classified as computer science curriculum in their own schools, and much of that content would not be considered “computer science” by colleges, universities, or industry. Although the majority of responding high schools that offer CS classes do grant graduation credit for those classes (73%), the credits most often are elective credits rather than math or science credits—core disciplines which more closely align with the rigor and intellectual demands of true computer science classes.

The second major finding confirms that access to computer science education within U.S. high schools varies according to the general socioeconomic levels of students in the school. The survey statistics:

  • 27% of schools where the majority of students qualify for free or reduced lunch, 63% offer computer science courses.
  • 44% of schools where the majority of students do not qualify for free lunch, 84% offer computer science courses.
  • This means that in lower income schools, 37% percent offer no computer science, versus only 16% percent in higher income schools.

“Access to good computer science education is a defining 21st century issue,” said Oracle Academy Vice President Alison Derbenwick Miller. “We must come together as a community to bring better understanding and access to all students to help them develop the knowledge and expertise required for in-demand careers today and into the future. We are pleased to have worked with CSTA on this very important survey.”

“We are grateful to Oracle Academy for supporting this survey as the findings create a much clearer picture of CS education in US high schools than we’ve had to date,” said Lissa Clayborn, Acting Executive Director, CSTA. “At the local community, state, and national levels, this data can help inform continued and more thoughtful discussions about curriculum pathways, course design, funding for CS courses, come to a shared definition and help to solve the puzzle of teacher certification and other education policy issues.”

Read the full survey results here.

More than 2500 Engineering Students in India Focus on Becoming Next-Generation IT Professionals

The ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu (ICTACT) Youth Technology Summit 2015 brought together more than 2500 graduating engineering students who aspire to become the next generation of IT professionals and innovators. The event was designed to create an awareness of the latest technologies, innovations and opportunities available in the IT sector for these emerging professionals.

Oracle Academy collaborated with ICTACT and sponsored the event at Panimalar Engineering College. Seventeen districts and provinces and 78 institutions from across the state of Tamil Nadu participated in this tech summit, which hosted engineering students and faculty members from computer science and IT engineering fields.

Opening the event, Krishna Sistla, Senior Director, Oracle Academy Asia Pacific and Japan, said that technology is changing the way we communicate and do business. He encouraged students to focus on creating and innovating technology and to leverage the programming and coding skills they learn in school to amplify their opportunities.

Oracle senior employees also delivered presentations about the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, developing web applications, Oracle APEX, RESTful web services, and how businesses harness technology to deliver customer experience.

Join our monthly Ask the Oracle Experts series where students and faculty around the world have the opportunity to hear directly from Oracle experts on the current technology-related topics and innovations.


University of Valle de Mexico Advances Computer Science Education

The University of Valle de Mexico (UVM) has announced the registration of five additional campuses—Toluca, Texcoco, Reynosa, Summits and Zapopan—to the list of Oracle Academy member institutions. With this addition, UVM now has 14 campuses advancing computer science knowledge and skills with the use of Oracle Academy curriculum.

In January, 2015, twenty teachers from UVM received advanced training in database administration courtesy of Oracle Academy, preparing them to transfer this knowledge to their students. UVM believes this course plays an integral part of developing faculty to become highly skilled IT teachers.

UVM has ranked among the top 10 private universities in Mexico for several years and in many of their campuses are ranked among the best in their local markets. UVM holds the highest accreditation from the Federation of Mexican Private Institutions of Higher Education.

Other UVM campuses using the Oracle Academy curriculum include San Rafael, San Angel, Tlalpan, Chapultepec, Coyoacán, Hispano, Lomas Verdes, Queretaro and Villahermosa.

Coders in Action

Volunteers Needed!

Oracle Academy is sponsoring two global competitions that need your expertise and time.

Judge, Volunteer or Interpret at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
May 10-15, 2015

The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), encourages millions of students worldwide to compete each year in local and school-sponsored science fairs. In May, more than 1,700 students representing 70 countries, regions, and territories will be in Pittsburgh to compete in the world’s largest international pre-college science competition.

The participating high school students are the top winners of regional, state and national science fairs from around the world. They will compete for more than US$5 million in awards, scholarships, internships and prizes. During the fair, the top scientific minds showcase their talents on an international stage, where doctoral level scientists review and judge the work. As a proud sponsor of this event, Oracle Academy will present nine finalists with a Special Organizations Award—US$5,000 per recipient—for outstanding projects in the computer science categories.

Oracle Academy invites you to become a part of this amazing event. The success of the fair depends in part on valuable contributions from volunteers. We need your help!

Become a Judge: Approximately 1,000 judges are needed for 20 different scientific disciplines. In addition to judging projects, judges offer their expert insight and feedback to the presenting students. The objective evaluation of projects by Grand Awards Judges is the most important aspect of the fair and determines the distribution of millions of dollars in prizes, awards, and scholarships. Learn more about the needed qualifications and time commitment.

Be a General Volunteer: More than 500 volunteers are needed during the week for a variety of activities, in daytime and evening shifts. This is a great opportunity to support STEM education and donate your time to good cause. Learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Be an Interpreter: Approximately 200 interpreters are needed to work with students in conversational or technically-informed interpretation. The greatest demand is for Spanish, Russian, and Mandarin, but there is anticipated need for more than a dozen languages. Learn more about volunteer opportunities.

For more information about this event, contact Oracle Academy membership services or register now to become a volunteer.

Volunteer for Destination Imagination Global Finals

Knoxville, Tennessee
May 20-23, 2015

Destination Imagination Global Finals is the world’s largest celebration of creativity. It is the culminating event of every Destination Imagination Challenge worldwide, gathering more than 8,000 of the world’s most innovative minds—1,400 teams from 45 states, 7 Canadian provinces and 13 countries—to showcase their Challenge solutions.

The Destination Imagination Challenge program gives teams the opportunity to solve one of seven open-ended Challenges, encouraging students from elementary through college level to turn creativity into innovation while teaching the soft skills of patience, flexibility, persistence, ethics, respect for others and the collaborative problem-solving process. This year is the first year Destination Imagination has expressly included computer science in its Challenge program.

Oracle Academy is honored to be an event sponsor, and we encourage you to offer your support as a volunteer. Your participation will help students enjoy an exciting learning event that helps them develop skills essential to their future success.

Become a Volunteer Appraiser or Official: Appraisers and Officials acknowledge and celebrate the creativity and hard work of the students in the program and provide valuable feedback to help complete the learning process from imagination to innovation. Learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Become a Skills Workshop Presenter: We need your help to inspire and develop the next generation of innovators and leaders, especially if you have computer science expertise to offer! Skills Workshops will give you the unique chance to share your knowledge and passion with a global audience. Destination Imagination wants to provide participants with interactive, exciting and uniquely hands-on workshop opportunities that will leave a lasting impression. Learn more about becoming a Skills Workshop presenter.

For more information about this event, contact Oracle Academy membership services or register now to become a volunteer.

Competition Announcement!

2015 ‘Oracle Cup’ National Java Programmer Competition (“甲骨文杯”全国Java程序设计大赛)


Students in China: This is your opportunity to become an Oracle Academy Coder in Action! Join this national Java competition in China, sponsored by Oracle Academy and organized by China Research Council of Computer Education in Colleges and Universities, and the Computer Professional Education Steering Committee of China’s Ministry of Education (CPESC).

The event will include seminars, trainings and the Java Programmer Competition. This competition is open to all students across Greater China. Seven hundred eighty-nine teams from 226 universities and colleges have already registered for this event.

Register today!

Registration closes on March 31, 2015.

Oracle Academy Advances Computer Science around the World

Europe, Middle East and Africa


Austrian Faculty Members Learn Data Modeling and Relational Database Design
Austrian faculty members attended a 4-day course at HTL3 Rennweg in Vienna, January 12–15, 2015. Oracle Academy instructors presented courses on Data Modeling and Relational Database Design. Dr. Ute-Maria Oberreiter, educator at BHAK and BHAS Wien 10, said, “We enjoyed sharing ideas about how to use the software and course content in our classes.”


Java Fundamentals and Java Programming
Twenty teachers from 8 universities in Azerbaijan successfully completed Oracle Academy’s Introduction to Computer Science courses, Java Fundamentals and Java Programming. Teachers called the experience an excellent opportunity to gain new knowledge and hands-on experience learning Java from Oracle.


Oracle Academy Sponsors Internet Safety Competition
Oracle Academy was pleased to sponsor an Internet Safety Competition in which students were challenged to create a Safety Awareness Application using Greenfoot. The event was organized and run by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) in Egypt. Winners of the competition were invited to an awards ceremony in Cairo on January 21, 2015. Atef Helmy, Minister of Communication and IT— a contributor in developing, supporting, implementing and promoting the “Egypt Strategic Master Plan of the Information Technology Sector” on both local and international levels—administered the awards to the winners.

Alexandria University Tours Oracle Smart Village
Computer science students from the University of Alexandria visited the Oracle Smart Village campus in Cairo on December 24, 2014. Students heard presentations about Oracle Technology, Cloud Services, Oracle Academy, Oracle University, Oracle’s recruitment process, and interview techniques.

Egypt Youth-to-Business Forum Event
In December, Oracle Academy sponsored the Egypt Youth-to Business-Forum entitled “Sustainable, Smart, Market-Driven Youth.” This forum brought together young leaders, businesses and thought leaders from around the world to discuss global and business issues with a focus on generating new ideas to promote better futures for Egypt’s youth.

Students had the opportunity to gain insight into the skills and knowledge businesses seek when hiring IT professionals. Oracle Academy delivered workshops on IT innovation, Big Data, Social Media, Sales and Marketing.


Java Lecture Develops Computer Science Knowledge
More than 400 students and teaching staff from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) attended a lecture on Java SE 8 presented for Oracle Academy by Oracle Consultant Wolfgang Weigend. Mr. Weigend offered insights into the latest Java technology and architecture. KIT, an Oracle Academy member, is one of the largest and most prestigious higher education and research institutions in Germany.


1500 Students Prepare for the Future at Career Day
Oracle Academy hosted an IT Students’ Career Day at the State House Girls High School in Nairobi. More than 1500 students from 19 high schools attended. The students demonstrated strong knowledge during mathematics and computer science quizzes, and participated in a mentorship session with Oracle Academy.

Children of Oracle Employees Learn Computing Skills from Oracle Academy
In December, the children of 25 Oracle employees from Nairobi attended a student workshop taught by Oracle Academy staff to learn the basics of object-oriented programming using Alice. The children, who were ages 9-18, had a good time meeting other students interested in computing and learning how to create Alice animations.

United Kingdom

Oracle Visitor Center Shares Technology Innovation
Working with Business in the Community, Oracle Academy was pleased to host 66 students and teachers from two UK colleges at the new Oracle Visitor Center in Reading, England. Connections between industry and students are critical as technology innovation continues to drive the global economy, and these events help provide students and educators with an insider’s view of the future of technology. Students also learned more about Oracle Academy and Oracle’s graduate recruitment process.

Japan and Asia Pacific


Oracle China Wins Award for Impact in Education
The China Ministry of Education (MOE) presented Oracle China with its seventh Very Important Contributor Award during a ceremony attended by senior MOE Officials, Chinese educators, and multinational corporate executives. The award was given to Oracle China in recognition for the great efforts and contributions Oracle Academy made to Chinese education in 2014.

Professional Development Is Easier with Launch of Virtual Instruction
Oracle Academy’s Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) offering for Java Programming was launched in China on January 26, 2015, with three separate cadres of educators. More than 70 university educators registered for the training. If you are a faculty member and want to join Oracle Academy courses without travel, check out our events calendar for upcoming Virtual Instructor Led Training courses.

Oracle Academy Supports Innovation in Education
Oracle Academy was proud to sponsor the innovative Development of Higher Vocational Education and the National Joint Conference of Vocational & Technical College Presidents’ 2014 Annual Conference in Jiangsu. The conference addressed the challenges of innovating and developing higher vocational education and welcomed more than 400 attendees from vocational and technical colleges, education associations, and the China Ministry of Education. More about the event can be found on Oracle China’s Weibo and on the conference news site.


Advancing Educators’ Knowledge Using Alice
Working in collaboration with Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS), Oracle Academy invited more than 1000 teachers that have previously attended in-class Alice workshops to encourage the school systems across India to include the Oracle Academy curriculum in their teaching to the students. The sessions stress the importance of the difference between computing and computational literacy.

The three day Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) sessions in December was broadcast to more than 40 venues across India. In addition to reviewing how to teach coding using Alice, the sessions included guidance for using Alice to promote the development of key skills such as logic, decision making, problem solving and critical thinking. In return for participating in the Oracle Academy course, educators are expected to take their learning back to their students and classrooms, potentially helping to develop basic computer science knowledge and skills for tens of thousands of students across India.

Oracle Academy Volunteers Introduce Computer Science to Children
Oracle Academy volunteers worked with Akansha Foundation to introduce children to computer science and Java coding using Alice. The Akansha Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide children from low-income communities with a high quality education, enabling them to maximize their potential and transform their lives.

Oracle Academy Supports Introduction of Special Interest Computer Science Group
Oracle Academy was proud to be a platinum sponsor of the 2015 ACM India Annual Conference in Goa. Oracle Academy participated in the launch of the Special Interest Group in Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) in India and the panel discussion on computer science education in universities.

Code Java Together Events Develop Java Skills
Oracle Academy was pleased to host Code Java Together events with Usha Mittal Institute of Technology at SNDT Women’s University in Mumbai and Mar Athanasius College of Engineering in Kothamangalam, Kerala. Code Java Together workshops introduce students to object-oriented programming and Java using Greenfoot, a Java development environment created at the University of Kent. By conceptualizing and coding games in Greenfoot, students tap into their creativity and develop problem solving and innovation skills that will benefit them in any future careers they may choose to pursue.

If you are interested in bringing a Code Java Together event to your college or university, please contact us.


Oracle Academy Welcomes Students to Indonesia Office
On January 22, 2015, students from the Universitas Ciputra Surabaya were invited to visit Oracle Indonesia to help them see firsthand what a career in technology can be like. Students toured the Oracle facilities, learned about Big Data and Database as a Service, and participated in an interactive session about cultivating career opportunities and job readiness.

Oracle Academy Day Engages Educators
School principals and computer science teachers from 102 secondary vocational and technical school participated in Oracle Academy Day Indonesia on January 13, 2015. Hosted in Yogyakara Province in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the event helped make educators more aware of the value of providing students with opportunities to learn computer science, and introduced them to the resources available through an Oracle Academy membership.

If you are interested in bringing an Oracle Academy Day to your community, or if you are interested in joining Oracle Academy, please contact us.

Children of Oracle Employees Learn Computing Skills from Oracle Academy
On December 6, 2014, eighty children of Oracle employees in Indonesia attended a student workshop taught by Oracle Academy staff to learn the basics of object-oriented programming using Alice. The event was supported by Oracle volunteers, and the children had a good time meeting other students interested in computing and learning how to create Alice animations.


Students Learn Java Basics from Oracle Academy
Young students had the opportunity to start to develop their Java programming skills at an Alice workshop event held at Hosen Gakuin on January 24, 2015. Students were introduced to the fundamentals of object-oriented programming using Alice, and had the opportunity to practice their new skills using Lego® MindStorm®.

Latin America


Oracle Academy Brings Computer Science Education to the Amazon
In February, working with the Center of Technological Education of the Amazon (CETAM), an agency of Brazil’s Department of Science and Technology, Oracle Academy began two Java Fundamentals trainings in Manaus, capital of the state of Amazonas in northern Brazil. The Java Fundamentals courses helped 55 CETAM teachers develop new computing skills; these teachers will train other teachers and bring computer science education to students across the state.

Oracle Academy provides computer science education resources to accredited educational institutions for use in degree, diploma, and certificate-granting programs. If you’d like to bring Oracle Academy’s Java Fundamentals to your region, please contact us.

Puerto Rico

Computer Science Touches Every Industry
Oracle Academy was happy to participate in the 7th Teacher’s Day at the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao in January. Recognizing the importance of all students having computer science knowledge and skills upon entering the workforce, 30 professors from various fields—including nursing, biology, mathematics, business administration and statistics—discussed innovative ways of incorporating computer science and technology into their teaching, recommending the use of Oracle Academy programs and memberships. 

North America

United States

Oracle Academy and California Educators Team Up to Teach Computer Science
Design Tech High School in Millbrae, California, and Oracle Academy brought coding into the classroom in January. High school students received instruction on the fundamentals of Alice and Greenfoot programming during their two-week intersession period. The course included a challenge where teams of 2-3 students created their own interactive games and presented their game concept and build process to their class and teacher judges. The winning games will be highlighted on the Oracle Academy YouTube channel later this year.

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