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July 2015

Computer Science Around the World

Finalists Shine at the Intel ISEF

Alison Derbenwick Miller, Vice President, Oracle Academy, presents Oracle Academy’s Special Organizations Awards for outstanding projects

In May, more than 1,700 students representing 75 countries, regions and territories gathered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to compete in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). Intel ISEF is considered the world’s largest international pre-college science competition with approximately $4 million in awards. Doctoral level scientists reviewed and judged the work of selected high school students who won their regional, state and national science fairs from around the world.

Oracle Academy was delighted to be a part of Intel ISEF in 2015 as a Special Awards sponsor, offering Special Awards with an aggregate value of $45,000 to recognize outstanding work in computer science using Oracle-related technologies. Oracle employee and Oracle Academy member volunteers reviewed, interviewed and judged more than 40 projects in the Systems Software category. The projects ranged from developing mobile algorithms and detecting seizures and falls, to a developing a computer network security server that can monitor an entire computer network, and evaluating and linking threat reports and fight attacks in real time within a fluid network model. Eight of the winning projects were done by individual students, who each received an award of $5000. The ninth project was done by a project team of two students who shared the $5000 award, receiving $2500 each.

Congratulations to the 2015 Award Winners!

Bibiana da Costa Davila
Narrativa Soft: Software to Work on Narrative Production

Amir Helmy
Developing Mobile Algorithms to Detect Seizures and Falls

Nadine Theisen
Modal Logic as a Programming Language

Danila Alexandrovich Baigushev
SCC: Reversible Multi-Translation of High-Level Programming Languages and a Platform for Performance-Controlled Execution in Multi-Agent Systems

Yashaswini Makaram
The Phoney Lift: Using Accelerometers to Identify People

Benjamin Friesen
Improving Crypto: A Novel Smartphone Based Entropy Generator

Sahil Abbi and Arjun Kapoor
Generation via Embedding of Quasi-Optimal Networks for Application in High Performance Computing

Mengyuan Sun
Reverse PubMed Search Program

Stephen Parish
Cyber Automated Report Linker: A Network Approach to Minimizing Expansion of Catastrophic Cyber Infiltrations

To learn more about Intel ISEF, please visit:

Oracle Academy Collaborates with German “Roberta - Learning with Robots” Initiative

The new “EV3 Programming with Java” textbook introduces Roberta teachers to Java programming techniques. The book has been published as part of Fraunhofer’s Institutes’ “Roberta - Learning with Robots” initiative and is a joint development project run by the Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems (IAIS) and Oracle Academy.

In addition to working through simple programming tasks, readers learn about a large-scale Roberta experiment, which highlights the advantages of textual and object-oriented programming demonstrated with practical examples.

“By collaborating with the Roberta initiative and supporting the latest Roberta volume, Programming with Java (Programmieren mit Java), we continue our commitment to supporting computer science education,” says Alison Derbenwick Miller, vice president of Oracle Academy. “We hope that through the creation of educational materials and programs that make a challenging discipline like computer science engaging for everyone, we will increase participation, especially by girls and other underrepresented populations in the field, creating a richer and better future for everyone, everywhere.”

The initiative introduces children and young people to the joys of science and using robots to teach gender and age-appropriate courses to show how much fun technology and the natural sciences can be. The textbook explains not only the simple transition to text-based programming, but also introduces teachers and their pupils to a new programming language.

Watch the video, “Roberta Solves the Cube”:

For more information visit

Girls Celebrate ICT Day with Oracle Academy

Each April, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) celebrates International Girls in ICT Day−a day to help girls understand the importance of ICT as a career option. This year to mark the event, Oracle Academy hosted two virtual events for more than 8,500 girls in K-12 and higher education across APAC.

K-12 Girls are Enthusiastic
More than 4,100 girls from 125 schools across India joined the K-12 session where participants were given the opportunity to learn how to develop games using Alice, a 3-D introductory Java development environment designed to teach students how to build animations, created by Carnegie Mellon University and supported by Oracle. An Oracle Academy instructor worked remotely with a classroom teacher in each of the computer labs where students were located to deliver virtual training in support of Oracle Academy’s mission to advance diversity in technology fields.

A number of women leaders at Oracle also addressed the attendees to share their personal stories and help inspire the girls to be willing to break boundaries to achieve life success. Oracle speakers included Anne Marie O’Donnell, vice president, Recruitment EMEA; Dipika Kashyap, country senior director, Strategy and Business Operations; Lakshmi Venkatakrishnan, director, Oracle India Development Center; and Sujata Madhav Chandra, principal sales consultant.

Bringing IT to Higher Education
More than 4,400 young women and 100 faculty members from across APAC participated in the higher education event that focused on the importance of showcasing one’s achievements and creating a good resume and cover letter to support successful job searches. Students were encouraged to pursue their desires for careers in ICT by Manognya Reddy, deputy manager, Oracle Campus Recruitment and Chandana Neerukonda, Oracle applications engineer and recent college graduate. Topics of discussion included technology, the journey of pursuing a career in software development, and developing confidence as a capable woman despite sometimes negative stereotypes.

For more information about upcoming Oracle Academy events, visit our events calendar.

Oracle Academy Empowers Teachers with IT Knowledge in Chile

From April through July 2015, Oracle Academy helped advance computer science education in Chile by conducting two virtual training events in Java Fundamentals for two prestigious universities in the country: The Technological University of Chile (INACAP) and DUOC UC.

INACAP is the largest higher education institution in Chile. With 115,000 students studying at more than 27 campuses, it is one of the few institutions in the country that can claim to have almost full national coverage.

INACAP believes in teaching technology and leveraging the knowledge of the wide range of hardware and software manufacturers. This focus is so strong that the school has a Director of IT Academies, who works to ensure that all INACAP campuses are teaching leading technologies. With that objective, Oracle Academy and INACAP signed their first agreement in 2002. Since then, INACAP has relied on Oracle for curriculum and software, and has helped more than 65,000 students receive their bachelors of IT engineering and associate programming analyst degrees. Thanks to Oracle Academy’s curriculum and Oracle Academy discounts on courses and certifications, more than 51 faculty members at 24 campuses have successfully attained Oracle professional certifications.

Oracle Academy also has been training DUOC UC’s instructors since 2012. DUOC UC is another one of Chile’s largest IT training institutions, with 12 locations throughout the country. The recent Java Fundamentals training event is the starting point of a longer-term relationship between Oracle Academy and DUOC UC to help reduce the country’s IT gap, with DUOC UC planning to help its computer science teachers achieve Oracle professional certifications in Java and Database and continuously improve computer science education in its classrooms.

Coders in Action

Destination Imagination Finals Participants Take On Computer Science

More than 8,000 of the world’s most innovative student minds–1,400 teams from 45 states and 17 countries–gathered in Knoxville, Tennessee at Destination Imagination Global Finals May 2015, to showcase their challenge solutions.

Destination Imagination finals participants learn Alice and Greenfoot

Destination Imagination hosted an Oracle Academy experience that gave its global finalists a hands-on look at seven Alice and Greenfoot workshops. All seven skills workshops were booked to capacity within an hour of workshop enrollment opening: a great indicator that Destination Imagination Global Finals participants are eager to take on computer science challenges.

Running Live Animation Programs
Alice programming was featured in the Oracle Academy Live Animation studio, where participants were introduced to computer science and coding through a dynamic live simulation. Students worked together to design a textual storyboard and run a live animation program starring members of their own team.

The Oracle Academy Game Testing Arcade allowed participants to test and provide feedback on games and animation created by other students using Greenfoot and Alice 3. The area offered an open-ended structure, allowing any passing students with interest to hop onto any open terminal to test and comment on existing games and animations.

Helping Students Solve Tough Challenges
The Destination Imagination Challenge program gives teams the opportunity to solve one of seven open-ended challenges. It encourages students from elementary school through college to turn their creativity into innovation while teaching patience, flexibility, persistence, ethics, respect for others and the collaborative problem-solving process. Oracle Academy was delighted to launch its relationship with Destination Imagination this year by sponsoring two interactive exhibits and two Destination Imagination skills workshops.

Oracle Academy Gets Students Excited By IT

IT Planet Competition

For the past six years, Oracle Academy in Russia has supported IT-Planet, two programming contests within the International Student Olympiad in Information Technology. More than 10,000 students have participated in this Oracle Academy-sponsored contest.

IT-Planet is a unique, multi-vendor educational project. The main purpose is the professional development of students in the field of information technology. The project has gained international status by bringing together students receiving vocational and higher education in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

In November 2014 during the first stage of the IT Planet competition, 5,373 students from 404 schools registered for the event. After passing two qualifying stages, 39 students were invited to the finals. This year’s final took place from May 22-25 at St. Petersburg Polytechnic University in St. Petersburg, Russia, and was devoted to celebrating 20 Years of Java.

With the support of Oracle Academy, finalists competed in two areas: Oracle SQL programming and Oracle Java programming. These competitions helped students learn more about Oracle technology, as well as tested and improved their level of practical knowledge for successful employment in the IT field.

Students from Altay State University won the Oracle Java programming contest. First and second places in the SQL contest were taken by two young women from St.Petersburg Polytechnical University, and the third place prize was awarded to a student from Kazakh-British University.

Belarus State University Hackathon

In May, Oracle Academy collaborated with Belarus State University to host a hackathon for students in Minsk, Belarus. Sixty students of different specializations–programmers, designers and managers–gathered to build 10 projects in only three days.

Students from different universities partnered together to form a productive, creative teams in a very short time. With the support of mentors, developers and extensive master-class programs, all the teams developed innovative projects incorporating different devices and Internet services. The first place prize was awarded to the team “Know Your City.”

The event was supported by the Belarus Ministry of Education and Oracle Academy in Belarus to promote the importance of practical knowledge and skills and teamwork in building effective IT projects.

Oracle Academy Advances Computer Science around the World

Europe, Middle East and Africa


Oracle Academy Showcase at the Panorama of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
From March 20-22, Oracle Academy was a proud sponsor of the Panorama of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Athens, Greece. The event addressed young adults looking for job orientation and career opportunities within the technology sector.

Following the event, 70 selected students attended a full Business Day event at the Oracle campus. Oracle and Oracle Academy leaders discussed the value of computer science and how students and faculty can develop their skills and knowledge through Oracle Academy’s free membership. To supplement the conversation, Oracle leaders presented Oracle’s business strategy, products and solutions, and job roles to illustrate how computer science skills lead to career opportunities.

Greece, Kosovo and Albania

Oracle Academy Empowers Teachers
This year, teachers from Greece, Kosovo and Albania are expanding their computer science knowledge through Oracle Academy courses by registering for Java Fundamentals, Java Programming, SQL and PL/SQL. These events were offered both in person and virtually to accommodate the teachers’ busy schedules.


Reinier van Grieken, managing director, Oracle Nederland

Oracle Netherlands Signs CodePact
Oracle Netherlands joined a number of technology companies and government organizations in signing CodePact, which helps to improve computer science education in the Netherlands.

CodePact ensures that students will be able to meet the needs of today’s IT workforce, recognizing that a mechanic, a heating engineer and an app builder should all be able to write code and be digitally skilled. In this pact, Oracle and the other technology partners provide software, training and computer science teaching materials to students, teachers and parents.


Turkish Ministry of National Education Integrates Alice into the National Curriculum
Oracle Academy, in collaboration with the Turkish Ministry of National Education (MoNE), has created teacher training materials for Getting Started with Java using Alice in Turkish that will be hosted on the Ministry’s virtual learning environment for teachers to use as an education resource in their classrooms. The Ministry will be rolling out training videos across the country as part of an online teacher training program.

In addition, the Alice 3 platform has been translated into Turkish by a collaborative project of six volunteer Oracle Academy students and Carnegie Mellon University. MoNE launched their Alice project on May 29, 2015.

Turkey and Czech Republic

Oracle Academy Introduces Early Programming Skills with Alice Workshops
Two Turkish and Czech Republic Alice workshops were held in April to introduce early programming skills and increase young students’ awareness of and interest in computer science.

Eren Akbaba, an Oracle sales consultant, delivered a volunteer Alice workshop to 35 employees’ children in Ankara and Istanbul. Jiří Kovalský, an Oracle software developer, delivered a workshop to 20 children studying at Základní in Ostrava Poruba, Czech Republic.

Japan and Asia Pacific


Oracle Academy Participates in Yangtse Delta Summit 2015
On April 16, 2015, more than 100 deans, faculties, leaders, heads of universities/colleges from 40 universities, and colleges from eastern China came together at the School-Enterprise Cooperation in the Yangtse Delta Summit 2015, hosted at Shanghai Jiaotong University, to explore the Internet era and reflect on the profound changes it is bringing about in University education and student employment. Oracle Academy was represented by Nancy Guo, senior manager, Oracle Academy JAPAC. Nancy spoke about the Oracle Academy program and how our curriculum offerings will help students become career ready.

“Oracle Cup” Java Programming Competition
The “Oracle Cup” Java Programming Competition was launched by Oracle Academy in partnership with the Oracle Marketing organization to cosponsor and host the 20th Anniversary of Java celebration. Phase I of this competition took place on April 18, 2015, and 7,205 students from 424 universities and colleges participated. In Phase 2, 2,754 students from 251 universities and colleges the competition held across the country at 33 venues on May 16, 2015. The finals round of this competition will be held in July.

Java Turns 20!
“Running Java–The 20th Anniversary of Java” was celebrated in Beijing on May 23, 2015 with more than 130 guests. Oracle’s Vice President of Development, Java Platform, Georges Saab, spoke about the journey of the Java language, and the challenges overcome and achievements made. Sharat Chander, principal product manager, Java, provided an overview on the latest Java technology and the future of Java. The event also included a panel discussion on Java education and talent development led by Oracle Academy. Panelists came from local universities, the ministry of education, Oracle Academy, and Oracle University and also included a student entrepreneur. The panelists discussed various topics including the importance of a robust curriculum and the need to cultivate Java talent in China.

Oracle Academy Welcomes U.S. Students to Oracle China
On June 1, 2015, students from Lamar University in Texas visited Oracle ZPark Campus in Beijing, China to learn more about Oracle’s work in China. The U.S. students also gained first-hand knowledge and appreciation of the challenges in global technology development, as well an experience of Chinese culture.

Nancy Guo, senior manager, Oracle Academy JAPAC, introduced the Lamar University students to the Oracle Academy program. Pascal Sero, vice president, Oracle Asia research & development center, provided students and educators with an overview of Oracle China, the Oracle Asia R&D Center, and Oracle’s cloud strategy, and participated in a question and answer session. The students also toured the Oracle Solution Center, and learned about latest Oracle technologies such as Exadata, Exalogic, Big Data Appliance and SPARC servers. Lily Luo, director, Oracle Asia R&D, provided a demo of Oracle Applications software. The students were very excited to learn about the advanced technologies and products at Oracle.


Code Together with Oracle Academy
More than 600 students from 27 vocational secondary schools and computer science colleges in Indonesia participated in Code Together with Oracle Academy events in April and May. Oracle Academy instructors introduced students to Greenfoot during these events held at the following four institutes:

  • Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta(Central Java),
  • Universitas Trunjoyo Madura (Madura Island),
  • Universitas Airlangga
  • Institut Teknologi Ssepuluh Nopember (East Java)

These events were co-hosted by AISINDO − an organization aimed at motivating Indonesian students to be more creative, innovative and passionate about technology.

The students were energized after the event and stated that they never realized how easy it was to create a game and program in Java.

“Are You Job Ready?”
Oracle Academy hosted 55 students and lecturers from Swiss Germany Universty (SGU) at the Oracle Indonesia office in Jakarta on 31 March 2015. During their visit the students learned about Oracle Cloud Computing from Oracle senior sales consultant Alvin Pryana and heard a job readiness talk presented by Bunga Widiarto from the Oracle Fusion Middleware team.


What the Hack?
On April 11-12, 2015, Oracle Academy sponsored the “What the Hack?” Hackathon in the Philippines. Two hundred students from 13 universities joined this event and showcased their skills in designing and building an interactive learning game or application about tourism. The event lasted 48 hours and brought out the most innovative ideas by the students, with the finalists displaying a number of technology solutions aiming to improve or enhance the tourism industry in the Philippines.

Java Programming Reaches Higher Education Faculty
As part of their professional development, 20 faculty members from the College of Information Technology Education of Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP) participated from May 25-28 in the first Oracle Academy Java Programming training conducted in Philippines. The participating teachers developed their own Java programming projects and will incorporate Oracle Academy materials into their classrooms.

Latin America


Sao Paulo Hosts Virtual Event
In May 2015, Oracle Academy participated in the largest technology event of The Bauru School of Technology in São Paulo, Brazil. This event included a virtual Alice training with more than 40 participants.

At the end of the workshop, participants presented their work, which showed a wealth of creativity. The Bauru School of Technology has been a member of Oracle Academy since March 2014.


Students Experience Oracle Technologies
In recent days, La Corporación Unificada Nacional de Educación Superior (CUN), Colombia held an Academic Tour at the Oracle Colombia Offices, with 50 students from Engineering Systems of CUN University in Bogota.

The academic event was conducted in two sessions, on April 24 and May 15. Oracle gave presentations on topics such as Oracle Cloud, Database, Java, introduction to Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Systems Engineering, Oracle University and Oracle Academy.

In the coming months, CUN teachers will be taking the Oracle Academy Java Fundamentals course as well as an Alice Workshop.

“The visit to Oracle Colombia has not only met the expectations of students, but it has also created more interest in the subjects related to Oracle Technology” said Eli Castillo, Professor, Systems Engineering Program, CUN.

This tour was a joint effort of the Indirect Sales Team in Colombia, Oracle Academy and Oracle University.


Oracle Academy Mexico Attends the CUAM - ACMor XXV Event
Oracle Academy Mexico provided an Alice workshop during the “Congress XXVI CUAM - ACMor Research” an event organized by the Anglo Mexican University Center Campus Morelos. Senior year high school students learned how to use Alice and create dynamic animations.

The Congress aims to provide a forum for academic exchange between students from different institutions and promote computer science skills among students in middle and high school levels.

Oracle Academy at Virtualeduca in Guadalajara
For the third year in a row, Oracle Academy was a part of Virtualeduca, an initiative established in 2001 by the Organization of American States (OAS), in collaboration with the National University of Distance Education (UNED) of Spain, through the Institute of Advanced Studies for the Americas (INEAM) based in Miami.

One of Virtualeduca’s frameworks is to use technology in education at the regional event, which was held this year in Guadalajara, Mexico from June 22-26.

During this event, Oracle Academy offered ongoing Alice mini-workshops in its booth on the exhibit floor, and participated in sessions throughout the conference.


Oracle Academy at the VII JOINCIC
From June 2-5, 2015, Oracle Academy supported the 8th Interuniversity Event of Computer Science in Caracas, Venezuela. This year, University Simon Bolivar, one of the country’s leading universities, hosted the event. Oracle Academy brought speakers who presented the new IT trends. More than 700 students gathered during the four days to learn about the latest in technology. This event involved teachers, institutions, experts and researchers in the field.

North America

United States

Oracle panelists and members of the Financial Management Association leadership team at the Oracle panel

Credentials as Pathways for Student Success

From May 28-29, 2015, Oracle Academy participated in the Southwest Pathways conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. This conference brought together representatives from five southwestern states to discuss alternative pathways for student success. The conference highlighted the importance of career technical education as an important pathway to employment in addition to a university degree. Tyra Crockett, senior manager Oracle Academy field marketing, participated on the “Credentials that Count” panel. During this panel, representatives from different industries discussed the importance of credentials for both students and faculty.

Volunteers Inspire Students to Learn Java at X-STEM
Oracle Academy volunteers led more than 50 students in a hands-on Getting Started with Java using Alice workshop on April 28, 2015, at X-STEM in Washington DC. X-STEM is an Extreme STEM symposium for middle through high school students. It featured interactive presentations by an exclusive group of visionaries who aim to empower and inspire kids about careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Students in the workshop learned some basic programming skills, terminology and concepts such as procedure definition, algorithms, functions and conditional statements. The students can visit us again at the USA Science & Engineering Festival in April 2016.

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