Oracle Academy Newsletter

January 2017

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Oracle Pledges $1.4 Billion to Support Computer Science Education in the European Union

Part of Oracle’s Greater $3.3 Billion Annual Investment to Accelerate Digital Literacy Worldwide

On December 1, 2016, the European Commission and DIGITALEUROPE launched the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, a multi-stakeholder partnership to bolster computer science (CS) and coding proficiency at all levels within Europe’s workforce pipeline. In conjunction, Oracle announced a three-year investment totaling $1.4 billion in direct and in-kind support of CS education throughout the European Union (EU) member states.

Nearly 1,000 EU educational institutions currently collaborate with Oracle Academy, Oracle’s flagship program in education philanthropy that brings computer science education to nearly 3.1 million students in 110 countries. As part of the pledge, Oracle Academy aims to train 1,000 additional EU educators in CS, Java and Database instruction, as well as reach students across an added 1,000 EU educational institutions over the next three years.

“Digitally skilled professionals are critical to Europe’s competitiveness and capacity for innovation,” said John Higgins, Director General, DIGITALEUROPE. “Over the last ten years, we’ve seen the demand for workers with computer science and coding skills grow by four percent each year. Oracle’s efforts to bring computer science into classrooms across the European Union will help strengthen our digital economy.”

“At Oracle, we are thrilled to inspire and engage students from all different parts of the world in computer science,” said Alison Derbenwick Miller, Oracle Academy Vice President. “Earlier this year, Oracle made significant commitments to the White House’s CS for All and Let Girls Learn initiatives. This announcement continues our momentum to advance digital education and increase diversity in technology fields globally.”

Additionally, Oracle Academy will drive several programs during the next three years, including:

  • Invite National Coalitions in the EU member states to partner with Oracle Academy in delivering computer science education to teachers and students
  • Provide new higher education curriculum in emerging technologies
  • Level Oracle Academy’s entire curriculum to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF)

This commitment is an extension of Oracle’s pledge in 2013, which trained and empowered 1,246 EU educators to teach computer science, as well as added 203 EU educational institutions to Oracle Academy.

Why is Oracle Academy Committed to Computer Science Education?

At Oracle Academy, we believe everyone should have the skills and opportunities to chase their dreams.

This belief drives our commitment to support continuous computer science learning at all levels. We want students to learn fundamental computer science concepts and develop their IT and business skills to have the knowledge and skills that will open career doors regardless of industry. We want educators to keep pace with current technology and bring industry authenticity to classroom experiences through free, ongoing professional development.

To help dreams become realities, we deliver high quality, free, academic computer science education resources and events for students and teachers globally. We build key partnerships with organizations, governments, and ministries of education to expand our reach to thousands of educational institutions and millions of students each year.

As we reflect on 2016, we are proud of the commitments we have made to help make an impact on students and teachers lives and improve computer science education.

UNITED STATES: In April 2016, Oracle and the White House announced two significant commitments to advance computer science education—Computer Science for All initiative and Let Girls Learn—in which Oracle pledged to invest U.S. $203 million in direct and in-kind support.

EUROPEAN UNION: In December 2016, Oracle announced a three-year investment totaling $1.4 billion in direct and in-kind support of CS education throughout the European Union (EU) member states. As part of this pledge, Oracle Academy aims to train 1,000 additional EU educators in CS, Java and Database instruction, as well as reach students across an added 1,000 EU educational institutions over the next three years.

EGYPT: In conjunction with Let Girls Learn, Oracle Academy plans to expand CS efforts in Egypt with an additional investment of nearly U.S. $1 million in educational resources and services over four years. The commitment is part of a new collaboration between the Ministry of Education in Egypt, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Oracle Academy. The partnership will support computing education in nine newly-created STEM schools throughout the country.

INDIA: In February 2016, Oracle CEO Safra Catz announced Oracle Academy’s plans to engage with local schools and universities toward a goal of educating more than half a million students throughout India in computer science each year, in support of the prime minister’s “Digital India” and “Skill India” programs. Oracle Academy has already trained more than 3,000 teachers in Java and database, and announced four new key partnerships in FY17.

VIETNAM: Oracle Academy teamed up with Arizona State University under the USAID BUILD-IT project to help women in Vietnam develop into IT leaders, earning public recognition from President Obama on a State visit to Vietnam. Oracle Academy was proud to support a “Women in STEM” conference in Danang in August 2016 - the first of several planned initiatives to support computer science programs in 15 universities across Vietnam.

We thank you, our members, for your commitment to computer science education and for joining us on this journey to help students chase their dreams.

Stand Out with Oracle Junior Associate Certification

Students often look for ways to differentiate themselves from their competition as well as a have a way to prove their skills. Whether applying for an internship, summer job, their first job leaving post-secondary school or in an effort to further their educational goals—they want to stand out.

Empower Your Students with Credentials

Earning the Java Foundations Certified Junior Associate and the Oracle Database Foundations Certified Junior Associate credentials arm your students with evidence of their knowledge of the fundamentals of Java programming and database concepts. These credentials are ideal for students in secondary schools and two- and four- year colleges and universities, as well as for faculty members who teach foundational Java, database, and computer science classes.

Oracle Junior Associate Certifications are Oracle professional certifications that can validate a student’s capabilities, show their potential to gain skills, and demonstrate knowledge. They also help students on the path to more advanced certifications, including the Oracle Certified Associate and Oracle Certified Professional levels.

Exam Resources
As an Oracle Academy Institutional member, you have access to resources that can help your students prepare for an Oracle Junior Associate Certification exam including:

  • Oracle Academy’s Java Foundations and Database Foundations course materials
  • Exam discount vouchers

To register with Pearson VUE for a Junior Associate Certification exam, you must have an Oracle Academy certification voucher. To request vouchers:

  1. Sign in to the Oracle Academy website.
  2. Click “Oracle Certification Exams” within the left menu.
  3. Follow the instructions provided.

If you are not teaching Java Foundations or Database Foundations at this time, please visit iLearning to review the curriculum and visit our events calendar to discover teacher training opportunities. For assistance creating an iLearning account, please visit our Help section or contact us.

Coders in Action

THE Big Data + Analytics + Spatial + Cloud + IoT + Everything Cool Oracle User Conference

Undergraduate upperclassmen, grad students and faculty members: what are you doing January 31- February 2, 2017? Don’t miss your opportunity to attend BIWA Summit’17 - THE Big Data + Analytics + Spatial + Cloud + IoT + Everything Cool Oracle User Conference at the Oracle HQ Conference Center in Redwood Shores, California. BIWA Summit + Spatial Summit is a unique opportunity to learn about the latest in Oracle technology as it applies to Big Data, Machine Learning, Graph Analytics, Internet of Things, Cloud and more. Hear what real customers and practitioners in the field are achieving and come away with new ideas for further research or how to leverage this technology in your own work and studies.

Oracle Academy is an event sponsor, and juniors, seniors, graduate students and faculty members are welcome. A valid college or university ID will be required a check in. Register at BIWA Summit registration. Professors, use the discount code BIWANorCal.

BIWA Summit’17, held in conjunction with Spatial Summit’17 at the Oracle HQ Conference Center, annually draws several hundred customers, partners and Oracle experts who share best practices, novel and interesting use cases, customer case studies, and present on emerging technologies. Featured talks by Oracle executives, technical sessions delivered by experts and user friendly introductory talks make this a great event for all levels. There are several 2 hour Hands on Labs where users can experience and learn how to use Oracle software. See for full agenda and registration information.

Check out these great sessions showcasing Oracle technology:

  • Uncovering Complex Spatial and Graph Relationships: On Database, Big Data, and Cloud
  • Taking R to new heights for scalability and performance
  • Analyzing the Panama Papers with Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph Oracle Cloud Cookbook for Professionals
  • Fighting Financial Crime with Graph Analysis
  • Oracle’s Advanced Analytics 12.2c New Features & Road Map: Bigger, Better, Faster, More!
  • How Option Traders leverage Oracle R Enterprise to maximize trading strategies
  • Real-time Streaming Insight and Time Series Data Analytic for Smart Retail
  • Data Streaming and Analytic Microservices
  • Does Your Data Have a Story? Find out with Oracle Data Visualization Desktop
  • Combining Graph and Machine Learning Technologies using R
  • Maps, 3-D, Tracking, JSON, and Location Analysis: What’s New with Oracle’s Spatial Technologies
  • See What’s New Oracle BI: A Dive in DV, Mobile, BICS Products
  • Introducing Oracle Machine Learning Zeppelin Notebooks
  • Custom Maps in Oracle Big Data Discovery with Oracle Spatial and The State of Industrial IoT
  • Business Process Optimization Using Reinforcement Learning
  • Oracle Streaming Big Data and Internet of Things Driving Innovation
  • Using Machine Learning to unlock the Business Value in Big Data
  • …and many more


Include <Girls> Hackathon

On October 22-23, 2016, the Include <Girls> Hackathon in Puerto Rico challenged 150 students to create innovative solutions around assistive technology—any item, piece of equipment, software program, or product system used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of people with disabilities. The event was organized by the Include <Girls> student association focused increasing the percentage of women in STEM education and workforce.

Oracle Academy was honored to sponsor and present the Best Use of Oracle Technology Award to Bryan Garcia, 14 year old student from Colegio Marista de Manatí. Bryan’s innovation, “Morse to Letter,” aims to help people with low accessibility to use electronic equipment and communicate with others. Using the mouse pad, Bryan used Morse code to translate code using Java into text. The translated text can then be copied, sent to a cell phone, and used in different social networks.

As part of the event, students heard from Oracle Academy team members about the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as women in technology.

Think. Code. Win!

Code Jam 2016, Dubai

On November 21, Code Jam 2016 invited United Arab Emirates students from various schools, colleges, and universities from Abu Dhabi University, Higher College of Technology, Cambridge International School, Dubai College, University of Sharjah, and Middlesex University of Dubai to think, code, and win.

Oracle Academy was proud to sponsor this event as it challenged participants to improve their programming skills, collaborate with their teammates to generate solutions to programming problems, and develop a solution to improve eHealth, eLearning, or eGovernment. Teams were judged on speed of solving and programming accuracy.

In parallel with this event, Oracle Academy Day was held to introduce high school and college faculty to the dynamic range of opportunities computer science has to offer including information about the types of careers available for CS majors and how to best prepare for them.

Member Spotlight

We are turning the spotlight on our members who are making an impact with Oracle Academy.

The spotlight is on Federico Cruz Arcos, Academic Director, Information Technologies, Universidad Tecnológica de Coahuila, Mexico.

The State of Coahuila is located in Northeastern Mexico on the U.S. border and has a population of 2.7 million. It is an industrial area of the country, home to many mining, automotive and manufacturing companies, including plants operated by General Motors, Chrysler, Magna, and Lear.

It is also a hub for new technologies, hosting dozens of start-ups and international subsidiaries in the fields of multi-media, cloud applications and mobile application development. Companies such as Hexaware, Grupo W, or ClickIT Smart Technologies all operate from the state capital, Saltillo.

Universidad Tecnológica de Coahuila (UTC), established in the city of Ramos Arizpe 21 years ago, offers technical education in subjects relevant to the job market of the region. With a charter of “permanent innovation,” UTC prepares students in the fields of Information Technology, Nanotechnology, Mechatronics, Transport and Logistics, Industrial Processes, Chemistry, Business Development and Energy. Today the college is expanding its career paths year on year and currently has 147 educators and 3,057 students.

UTC began its partnership with Oracle Academy in 2015 in order to ensure that students benefit from leading edge programming and database skills. Federico Cruz Arcos, Academic Director of Information Technologies, describes the journey so far.

Oracle Academy: Maestro Cruz, to begin, please describe your career at UTC.

Maestro Cruz: I joined Universidad Tecnológica de Coahuila as a software developer 19 years ago, soon after it was established. Software development is my background but in the year 2000 I decided to be a teacher and I moved into the academic staff. For a while I took care of student admissions and then two years ago I took on the role of Academic Director for Information Technology, coordinating and helping to develop the curriculum that is fundamental to all the disciplines taught here.

UTC makes sure to work closely with the demands of industry and has close ties to R&D centers. It is also a leading light in many of the disciplines it teaches. One of my Nanotechnology colleagues recently presented in Paris his revolutionary work in optimizing the fabrication of integrated circuits at the Nanophotonics International Conference (December 2016). Naturally his success has a motivating effect throughout our organization.

One of my previous tasks was to identify and develop courses to support new career paths. As an example, in that capacity I worked with the Geriatric Hospital of Saltillo to create courses in Gerontology.

Today, my goal is to make sure the University is equipped with the right tools and specialized software to help teachers develop their material and to constantly evolve the content we deliver. Clearly Oracle Academy plays a key role.

Everything we teach here is aimed at developing the economy, statewide and nationwide. One of my goals is to generate a closer connection to new technologies. It’s a fast growing region with lots of technology service companies supporting the automotive, manufacturing, services, and energy sector.

Oracle Academy: Will you share your Oracle Academy experiences with us?

Maestro Cruz: Oracle is a world leader in the IT area, so who better to accompany us than Oracle? Currently we have 26 teachers trained through Oracle Academy, using the curriculum in the departments of Business Development, Industrial Processes, Nanotechnology, Information Technology, and the multidisciplinary field of Mechatronics. These specialties are in high demand within the automotive and manufacturing sector of Coahuila state. In these areas it is important that students understand the basics of programming, and what better than Java.

In 2014, I initiated contact with a number of technology vendor training programs. Oracle Academy was the company that supported us the most. In 2015, we began accessing the courses Database Design & Programming with SQL and Programming with PL/SQL. To date, some 900 students have benefitted from these courses. We will continue both courses respectively in 2017 and in 2018.

We have also adopted Java into our ICT curriculum as the standard programming language; it’s vital for academic development. When it comes to practical exercises and laboratory work, we incorporate the Oracle Academy Java Fundamentals and Java Programming content into our university curriculum.

And then we are expecting a multiplier effect over the years to come. After our initial 3-year engagement we intend to double and then triple the number of students trained in Oracle technologies.

Oracle Academy: How is Oracle Academy helping your students in career development?

Maestro Cruz: We are finding that 80% of our graduates find work. Having access to the Oracle Academy curriculum equips them with a solid grounding in computer science. This contributes to the success rate in job placement and we also encourage students to go further and get certification. When entering the workforce certified in Java and other skills, they have better job opportunities and can earn higher income.

In addition, not only do they benefit by learning computer science skills but also by developing logical thinking and problem solving. If you are capable to speak with a machine, which is the essence of programming, then how can you not also solve day-to-day problems?

At the same time we are sharing best practices with the other Technological Universities in the country. We are recommending Oracle Academy for the same reasons that we are partnering with Oracle: the multiplier effect that contributes to the economy as a whole. UTC is committed to developing teachers trained in the latest technologies and passing that knowledge on to students who will become the workforce of tomorrow.

That’s why our strategic partnership with Oracle Academy—and their investment in us—is so powerful.

Lastly, our proximity to the United States means that knowing English is important. It’s also useful for our contacts with affiliated groups in China or Europe and so we have invested substantially in English resources. Recently we increased our delivery of English language content from four to seven hours a week. Moreover, due to close collaboration with institutes in France and Asia, we teach a certain amount of content in French and Korean too. It’s all part of globalization!

Oracle Academy: What do you find most inspiring about teaching in today’s environment?

Maestro Cruz: Things are changing fast in IT and that allows teachers to become agents of change. That’s motivating. One of my areas of focus is the Internet of Things. It’s a concept that demands skills in programming, connected networks and, very importantly Data Mining. Data Mining is vital for decision-making and we are developing training in this field - how to exploit Big Data correctly and how to share the information derived.

What I also love is the new virtual proximity between students and teachers. Most students here walk around not with notebooks but with tablets and Smart phones. There is less need to attend lectures and physically give in homework. It’s all done online. At the same time, technology allows educators to check that students are actually doing their course work!

Thank you Maestro Cruz for your dedication and making an impact on your students!

It’s time to turn the spotlight onto our members who are making an impact with the Oracle Academy. If you are interested in being featured or nominating another member for the spotlight, please contact us.

Oracle Academy Advances Computer Science around the World

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Oracle Academy Day in Dubai

November 20 - 26, Oracle Academy participated in the United Arab Emirates Innovation Week—a nationwide celebration of innovation— by providing an Oracle Academy Day as part of Code Jam 2016 in cooperation with Middlesex University-Dubai.

Oracle Academy Student Day Kicks off in Greece

On November 29, Oracle Academy, in cooperation with AIESEC—an international, nonprofit, volunteer student organization—and Local Committee of University of Piraeus, organized the first Students’ Day. More than 250 students from various universities and faculties across Greece attended the event.

Oracle executives presented today’s IT trends, as seen by Oracle; the jobs of the future; Oracle’s investments in Greece with the Cloud Development Hub and the Enterprise Security Consulting Competence Centre and the job opportunities presented to young IT professionals to join Oracle’s teams; as well as the benefits of joining Oracle Academy as individual members. AIESEC members presented AIESEC’s vision and the benefits students receive by joining the organization, like working abroad in companies, start-ups or nonprofit organizations, and gaining hands-on experience and soft skills through working on local projects. The Chairmen of the CS and Digital Media Faculties also participated, showing their support for Oracle Academy and our cooperation with the University of Piraeus.

Education Conferences in Greece

Oracle Academy was delighted to sponsor three education conferences in Greece this past fall:

  • the 2nd Panhellenic Conference for the Promotion of Educational Innovation on October 21-23 in Larissa, with more than 800 participants;
  • the annual “Education in the ICT and Innovation Era” conference organized by the Association of Educators in Primary Education for the Promotion of ICT in Education on November 5-6, with more than 600 participants; and
  • the 3rd annual E-Twinning conference, Patras, for primary and secondary education teachers of all subjects, on November 25-27.

At all conferences, Oracle Academy was a presenter and shared how Oracle Academy benefits schools and educators with free training opportunities.

Stuttgart Media University visits Oracle Munich

Excursion trips are very popular with many universities as they consider them an essential and obligatory stage of studying.

On November 3, the German Oracle Munich office hosted a special event for 45 students and 4 professors from Stuttgart Media University, an Oracle Academy member. The group was eager to gain insights regarding the Oracle Marketing Cloud as well as to learn about the Oracle Social Media Experience. Also, the topic “Career Opportunities @Oracle” led to a lively exchange with the students.

Study-Life Balance with Oracle Academy

On November 22 and 29, Oracle Moscow invited students to participate in a project and research competition in collaboration with the Moscow Department of Education and Moscow Department of Information Technologies. As part of the competition, 44 companies provided more than 70 real-world tasks to the groups of students and pupils over a course of four months.

Oracle has taken part in these types of initiatives for three years. This year Oracle challenged the students to find interesting forms of social activities under the categories of sports, creativity, ecology, and volunteering. Students must complete activities based on their educational institutions requirements, for example, a course of lessons about a healthy lifestyle, a fair of handmade goods, a sporting competition, or a gathering of presents for an orphanage.

Thanks to the interesting projects, Oracle Academy has become one of the most popular cases and has been chosen by more than 100 pupils of Moscow schools and also by 2 teams from Moscow college of business technologies.

Students are now in process of bringing their ideas to life. The results will be presented in March, 2017.

Oracle Academy Day, Istanbul

On December 2, Oracle Academy Day in Istanbul brought together the local Oracle Academy member community, academics, and students to let them hear the latest in Oracle Academy, Oracle, and Java technologies directly from Oracle and industry experts.

The event was hosted at Bogazici University and organized in collaboration with Bogazici University Information Systems Research Center. Sixty participants from 15 universities had the chance to network, listen and talk to business and technology experts from Oracle Turkey, Oracle Business Partners and Academia.

Japan and Asia Pacific

Telangana Students Visit Oracle Hyderabad

On December 19, Oracle Academy Hyderabad team invited 50 fourth-year engineering students from Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) member institutes who are preparing to enter the corporate world and start their IT careers.

Nalin Chouhan, senior director, project development, Oracle, shared valuable insights with the students on the importance of choosing the right organization to work for as well as sharing the different journeys of Oracle leaders, and what to watch for in the coming months regarding Oracle technology. Other activities during the day included a quiz, a panel discussion with the previous campus hires, and a workshop on Interview Skills. The student’s energy levels were high throughout the program and all of them had a fun learning experience. The students truly appreciated the opportunity to visit our facility and for such an interactive session with Oracle employees.

Visit with Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology (SZIIT), Guangdong Province, China

Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology (SZIIT) Vice President Yang Xinbin invited Gao Yuan, Oracle Academy Country Manager for China, to visit the institute to meet teachers and discuss their experience using Oracle Academy resources. The faculty have used Oracle Academy curriculum since 2005 in their bilingual teaching, including Java Fundamentals, Database Design and Programming with SQL, and Programming with PL/SQL for over 1,100 students. One teacher adapted the Oracle Academy curriculum to develop a Database course which was evaluated as ‘high-quality curriculum’ by Guangdong Province.

Hong Kong Teachers Go Virtual

From December 2 through January 20, Oracle Academy provided professional virtual instructor-led training (VILT) workshops for 20 teachers from 19 schools across Hong Kong to enable them how to teach students to create 2-D games in Greenfoot. The teachers will be taking their newly developed skills back to their secondary vocational schools to share the knowledge with their students.

Oracle Academy sponsors Annual APTIKOM Conference 2016

Oracle Academy proudly sponsored the annual Association of Higher Education of Computer and Informatics (APTIKOM) in Lombok, Indonesia. APTIKOM is the largest computer science education association in Indonesia with more than 900 computer science higher education institutions focused on promoting the latest in computer science education. More than 500 participants attended the event entitled “Building the ICT Professionals Human Resources Through Quality Education”.

Oracle Academy presented at the event and reflected on how industry can partner with education institutions and educators in advancing IT education throughout Indonesia.

Latin America

Oracle Academy Day INACAP

This past October, the Oracle Academy Day INACAP 2016 was held at the Maipú Headquarters in Chile. This day was organized by IT Academies of INACAP and the IT and Telecommunications Area.

More than 100 students and teachers gathered to learn about the latest Oracle technologies through practical workshops conducted by Oracle experts.

Fernando Vendramini, Oracle vice president, Managed Cloud Services LAD, and Roberto Cabanillas, sales representative, Oracle Cloud Service, spoke with participants about Oracle Cloud technologies, and Patricio Valenzuela, Oracle IT principal consultant, Managed Cloud, conducted one of the practical workshops on OBI-EE. Other workshop topics included Introduction to programming with ALICE; Raspberry Pi + JAVA; Business Intelligence; and the Internet of Things.

IV International Congress of Systems Engineering

On November 24, Oracle Academy participated in the IV International Congress of Systems Engineering event held by the Universidad Autónoma del Perú.

More than 500 students and teachers participated in the event aimed at introducing modern technologies and heard topics including "Big Data & the Internet of Things" presented by Oracle experts.

International Vision 2016 Congress

This past October 16, Oracle Academy participated in the International Vision 2016 Congress at San Martín de Porres University in Lima, Peru.

Oracle presented “Big Data and Internet of Things: The Power to Work Together" to showcase students how these tools can be used together and how they can generate with them new ideas.

Virtual Educa Andina

On November 10 and 11, Oracle Academy participated in Virtual Educa Andina, In Peru.

This year’s event focused on “Innovation in Education: Technology Infrastructure, Connectivity, Coverage, and Quality” with more than 2800 in-person participants and more than 3000 virtual participants form different countries around the world.

Oracle Academy provided a mini Alice Workshop for 30 teachers from different schools, and also participated on the panel “The public - private cooperation for innovation in education.”


From October 24 - 28, Oracle Academy participated in the fourth National Conference on Computing, Information Technology, and Systems 2016 (CONCISA) in Caracas, Venezuela, organized by the CLEI Venezuela and the Venezuelan Computer Society Foundation. More than 300 students from different universities from the region were present.

Our local Oracle Academy team provided a lecture about the “Digital Transformation in Venezuela in 2016” focused on explaining how key technological trends are reinventing the way the organizations perform and drive action in the country.

Conferencia Latinoamericana en Informática

Oracle Academy was a proud sponsor of Conferencia Latinoamericana en Informática 2016 (CLEI), held in Valparaiso, Chile. This annual event is the key informatics and computer science forum for exchanging ideas, experiences and research results among researchers, practitioners, and students in Latin America. CLEI 2016 offered nine thematic symposia and several keynotes, workshops, tutorials, and panels.

CLEI 2016 calls for papers reporting results of a theoretical nature and/or practice that advance the state of the art, or present relevant applications or cases in the areas of interest of the symposia, or associated events. It aims for a mixed academic and industrial audience where new trends can be discussed.

North America

ACTE Conference and Career Technical Education Alignment

On December 1, 2016, Oracle Academy attended the Association for Career Technical Education (ACTE) conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Oracle Academy team met with Information Technology Career Cluster administrators, Career Technical Education District Directors, principals, and teachers to provide information about the alignment between Oracle Academy database and Java curriculum with the information technology career cluster pathway. Additionally, Oracle Academy team fielded questions on the new Oracle Database and Java Junior Associated Certifications designed for secondary and post-secondary students—enabling students to position themselves to further their education and to show expertise in a specific area of technology.

Nancy Hoffman, Oracle Academy Curriculum Manager, conducted two workshops, Solve it with SQL and Programming the Finch Robot in Greenfoot, to full conference rooms. Both of the workshops are new Oracle Academy resources, launched Summer 2016, and are designed for educators to utilize in the classroom as a means to expose students to computer science education.

Girls Solve it with SQL

On November 5 and 12, 2016, Oracle Academy and University of California Merced worked collaboratively to lead a girls’ STEM workshop in California. Girls, ages 7 – 12, from area schools in Merced, Atwater, and Ceres, spent their time learning SQL, a database programming language. UC Merced STEM Resource Center Director, Petia Gueorguieva and graduate student, Angelo Kyrilov, from the UC Merced School of Engineering, used Oracle Academy Solve it With SQL workshop materials to encourage and instruct girls to learn to code databases which was part of an overall project that produced individual websites.

“They (students) went over and above the expectations of the workshop. Only two of them had any familiarity at all with coding, and they all had beautiful, finished sites to present at the end of the workshop,” said Angelo Kyrilov, UC Merced School of Engineering student.

“The overall experience is great. I am very passionate about technology and the overall science of computers and technology. Getting this experience not even 30 minutes away is a blessing. The teacher was a gift, to have someone teach us coding skills that a college student might not even know yet. I hope to see more of this, especially girl code programs. Us girls need to get ourselves into the world and show people what we are made out of!” said another student.

Oracle Academy was pleased to work collaboratively with UC Merced as part of our support for the White House #LetGirlsLearn initiative. If you are interested in learning more about this event please contact us.

Oracle Academy Participates in IBEA in Indiana

On November 18 - 19, 2016, Oracle Academy attended the Indiana Business Education Association (IBEA) annual conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. Bruce Regittko, Oracle Academy Principal Instructor, conducted two workshops, Solve it with SQL and Programming the Finch Robot in Greenfoot, to Indiana Business and Information Technology teachers, principals, and administrators. Both of these workshops are new Oracle Academy resources, launched Summer 2016, and are designed for educators to utilize in the classroom as a means to expose students to computer science education.

Hardware and Software, Engineered to Work Together