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The Technological University of Chile


Bringing Computer Science to More Than 21,000 Students in Chile

In today’s world, demand for employees with IT skills is skyrocketing, although there’s not enough supply to meet many organizations’ needs. Chile is no exception and is currently facing a shortage of up to 6,000 IT professionals.

The Technological University of Chile (INACAP) is trying to reduce this skills gap, taking advantage of IT education opportunities, with the goal to provide IT skills throughout Chile.

Photo (above) by Pablo Valdés, available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license 2.0.

Creating strong IT educations


INACAP’s goal was to spread IT education throughout Chile to instructors and students.


Through the partnership with the Oracle Academy, INACAP’s educators help students learn the academic and hands-on IT skills.


To adopt this program on a national level, INACAP has instituted a rigorous instructor program. The success on Oracle Certification exams requires significant preparation. To date, more than 51 faculty members have been certified across Chile.

INACAP is the largest higher education institution in Chile. With 115,000 students studying at more than 26 campuses, it is the only institution in the country that can claim to have full national coverage.

The educational institution firmly believes in teaching technology and leveraging the knowledge of the wide range of hardware and software manufacturers. This focus is so strong, that the school has a Director of IT Academies, who ensures that all campuses are teaching leading technologies. With that objective, in 2002, Oracle Academy and INACAP signed their first agreement. Since then, INACAP has relied on Oracle for curriculum and software, and has helped more than 21,000 students receive their bachelors of IT engineering and associate programming analyst degrees.

Certifying high quality teachers

In conjunction with Oracle, Hugo Barriga, director of IT Academies, created a teacher certification pilot program. One of the institution’s plans is for all of INACAP’s Oracle Academy faculty instructors to become Oracle certified. INACAP wants to ensure that their professors are up to international standards, and sees Oracle Academy as able to help them achieve this goal. INACAP understands that they are not only preparing professionals for the future of Chile, but also preparing global IT professionals to have the most current skills.

INACAP has added new Oracle Academy content covering business intelligence, data warehousing, data mining and OLAP. Additionally, INACAP began their first online Oracle Academy training for professors, focusing on an introduction to the fundamental concepts of Java and object-oriented programming.

Thanks to Oracle Academy’s curriculum and Oracle discounts on courses and certifications, more than 51 faculty members at 24 campuses have successfully attained certification.

A teacher’s perspective

INACAP IT Professor Roman Gajardo Robles is one of the professors who has become Oracle certified. He is an Oracle Certified Professional SE6, Oracle Certified Programmer and Web Component Developer EE6 Expert. Moreover, he participated in the Oracle Academy Java Fundamentals course and successfully completed the Oracle Certified Associate Programmer Java SE7. Thanks to Professor Gajardo’ training, he is able to train other professors in these topics.

“As a computer engineer, I believe that having an Oracle certification is extremely important,” he says. “Companies need to have trained professionals, and there is additional value that comes with the skills needed to successfully complete the certification process. Getting certified requires effort that later will differentiate us as professors and our IT program from other schools.”

Spreading Oracle Academy across Chile

Currently, Oracle Academy’s Information Technology and Telecommunications classes are being taught in 26 INACAP locations across Chile. These include Programming I, Programming II, Database and Information Technologies II.

Oracle Academy gives INACAP students throughout the country the up-to-date computer science knowledge they need to pass Oracle’s certification exam–and go on to pursue successful careers.

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