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ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu


ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu provides better learning

ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu (ICTACT) is a nonprofit organization focused on enhancing the educational experiences of students in Tamil Nadu, India. ICTACT works with secondary schools and colleges to improve the computer science knowledge of teachers and students and to make sure students across Tamil Nadu are ready for industry employment in applied computer science.

Through its collaboration with Oracle Academy, ICTACT is able to bring state of the art computer science education to its associated schools and colleges. ICTACT enrolls teachers for Oracle Academy educator training events and encourages schools and colleges to become Oracle Academy members. Oracle Academy supports a train-the-trainer program, delivering educator training in computer science fundamentals to teachers who will return to their communities and in turn train other teachers and students at ICTACT-affiliated schools. This collaboration helps meet the demands of a US$70 billion-a-year global outsourcing industry for IT professionals.

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Training the trainers


ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu (ICTACT) focuses on making secondary and college students industry-ready and immediately employable in applied computer science across industries.


Oracle Academy’s complete curriculum, hosted solutions and teacher training events helped students from rural areas develop computer science skills with the power to raise their wages and improve their lives.


The ICTACT and Oracle Academy collaboration has given numerous educators the ability to teach computer science in Tamil Nadu, and improve the earning power of graduates significantly.

Oracle Academy offers teachers enrolled by ICTACT a blended learning experience that is led by an experienced, professional Oracle Academy instructor. The program helps faculty members learn Database Design, Programming with SQL, Java Fundamentals and Programming, and Business Skills. Additionally, it offers faculty members up-to-date course materials, pedagogical tools and software to use in training other teachers and in their own classrooms with students.

Improving computer science skills

Dr. Suphalakshmi Prabhu, a professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Paavai Engineering College found the Oracle Academy Database Design and Programming with SQL training event as the perfect opportunity for her to improve her program delivery skills. She now incorporates better learning methodologies when teaching programming skills to her students, making the learning process interesting and effective.

“This program is an invaluable resource for faculty members from rural institutions like mine, where among college faculty teaching skills are sometimes secondary to technical knowledge,” says Dr. Suphalakshmi Prabhu. “Additionally, Oracle Academy provides resources that empower faculty to impart core knowledge in computer science fundamentals to their students. As part of their hiring process, IT companies normally conduct an entry-level screening test to all applicants to assess their knowledge and skills, so experiencing Oracle Academy benefits students immensely.”

Increasing the earning power of graduates

“Our collaboration with Oracle Academy has changed education across Tamil Nadu for the better,” said Mr Sivakumar, Chief Executive Officer of ICTACT. “Now, students from rural areas have the opportunity to learn from skilled teachers using modern curriculum, helping them develop in-demand computer science skills that will raise their wages and improve their standard of living and future job prospects.”

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