Oracle Academy Scholarships

Making Computer Science Accessible to All

Oracle Academy Scholarships

Oracle Academy's mission is to advance computing education, and an important part of this is making computer science accessible to all. We were pleased this year to partner with several U.S. national organizations to recognize and support outstanding students and educators in computer science.

Oracle Academy collaborates with the following organizations to provide scholarship funds. We congratulate their outstanding 2018-2019 recipients.

Student Scholarships


Oracle Academy supports three organizations in providing nine scholarships to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher pursuing degrees in computer science or engineering at a four-year college or university. Oracle Academy provided support to each organization for two undergraduate scholarships of US$2,500 each and one graduate fellowship of US$10,000. The individual organizations selected scholarship winners from many qualified applicants.

American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)

AISES supports STEM studies and careers by serving American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, First Nations and other indigenous peoples of North America in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) studies and careers. AISES scholarships help students acquire skills and training that help them meet the STEM needs of their communities.

Congratulations to Recipients:

Recipient Scholarship
Damien Farrant $10,000 Oracle Academy graduate fellowship
Kaitlyn Yamamoto $2,500 Oracle Academy undergraduate scholarship
Beau Forest $2,500 Oracle Academy undergraduate scholarship

Great Minds in STEM (HENAAC)

HENAAC promotes career and networking opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math for students of Hispanic or Latino descent. The HENAAC Scholars Program addresses the immense need to produce more engineers and scientists within the U.S.

Congratulations to Recipients:

Recipient Scholarship
Irvin Cardenas $10,000 Oracle Academy graduate fellowship
Bryce Badura $2,500 Oracle Academy undergraduate scholarship
Kyle Romero $2,500 Oracle Academy undergraduate scholarship

United Negro College Fund (UNCF)

UNCF aims to strengthen students, communities, and the U.S. by helping African American students and other students of color attend and complete college.

Congratulations to Recipients:

Recipient Scholarship
Wishes to Remain Anonymous $10,000 Oracle Academy graduate fellowship
Jai Huntley $2,500 Oracle Academy undergraduate scholarship
Sebastian Cousins $2,500 Oracle Academy undergraduate scholarship


In October 2018, Oracle Academy sponsored 20 women undergraduates to attend a three-day research workshop at Indiana University Bloomington, providing travel scholarships for out-of-state students. The workshop was held for undergraduate women with declared majors in computing related fields, including computer science, informatics, and engineering.

Preference was given to first-generation or low-income students, and women from historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). OurCS began in 2007 at Carnegie Mellon University as a nationwide effort to increase the participation of women in computing-related research careers.

Intel ISEF

At the 2018 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) event in May 2018, Oracle Academy presented 10 winners who had embedded computer science into their abstracts in the system software category each with a scholarship of US$5,000.

The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair is the world’s largest international pre-college science competition. Through a global network of local, regional, and national science fairs, students are encouraged to explore their passion for developing innovations that improve the way we work and live. Each May, students selected as finalists have the opportunity to compete for approximately US$5 million in awards and scholarships. This year’s event in Pittsburgh featured nearly 800 inventions.

Congratulations to Recipients:

Background Noise Reduction by Using Spectral Selection to Remove Unneeded Frequencies

Kevin Xiao, Tuscaloosa, AL
Alabama School of Mathematics and Science

A Sensor-Enhanced Digital Stethoscope (SEDS): Design and Development of an Intelligent Sensor-Enhanced Digital Stethoscope for Patient-Friendly Remote Auscultation

Syamantak Payra, Friendswood, TX
Clear Brook High School

Using SONAR, LIDAR, and Computer Vision to Assist the Visually-Impaired

Samuel Cadotte, Kailua, HI
Kalaheo High School

Implementing Deep Learning Techniques to Detect Abnormal Cells

Guarev Behera, Rochester, MN
Century High School

Creation of a Mobile Application to Enhance Communication in Children with Autism

Joshua Santiago-Ibarra, Trujillo Alto, PR
Escuela Especializada en Ciencias, Matemáticas y Tecnología


Javid and Jeyla Huseynzade, Baku, Azerbaijan
Lyceum Academician Zarifa Aliyev

AzureVoice: A Novel Approach for the Early Detection of Parkinson's Disease Using Android Apps and Artificial Intelligence

Koushik Sridhar, Charlotte, NC
Ardrey Kell High School

Wireless Brainwave Classification for Alzheimer's Patients via Efficient Neural Network Computation

Grant Sheen, Irvine, CA
Sage Hill School

Utilizing Blockchain to Revolutionize Privacy and Security of Medical Records

Divya Amirtharaj, Beaverton, OR
Westview High School

Educator Scholarships

Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA)

For the third year running, Oracle Academy offered scholarships to first-time conference attendees to participate in the CSTA Annual Conference, which took place in July 2018 in Omaha, NE. Oracle Academy Scholar candidates were K-12 teachers who had not attended or registered for an Oracle Academy event. From more than 600 applicants, CSTA selected 33 winners to attend the conference.

Congratulations to Recipients:

Brad Ankney
Marlo Barnett
Smadar Bergman
Theresa Block
Allison Braley
Mary Burns
Mary Ann Cassidy
Kaywin Cottle
Edith Cruz
Claire Dillon
Rober Dumas
Kimberly Eggett
Silvia Patricia Gonzalez-Villasenor
Raji Gupta
Sherida Habersham
Michael Harvey
Kimberly Ingraham

Pam Kantack
Katherine Kaster
Dana Kinel
Brian Lawhon
Bruce McBrien
Kimberly Persaud
Lisa Reyburn-Payne
Pia Ribbe
ShaNeal Robertson
Regina Schaffer
Daniel Schneider
Beth Stoudt
Irene Waltz
Alex Wolfe
Lissy Wood
Theresa Yarbough

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